PANASONIC TYER3D4 3D Eyewear (RF type)
PANASONIC TYER3D4 3D Eyewear (RF type)

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* Active shutter 3D eyewear
* Rapid charging, long life capacity
* Lightweight and easy to wear
* Compatible with RF/Full-HD 3D standard

 Our fourth generation 3D eyewear will immerse you in exciting Full-HD 3D
Building on the technology of our previous 3D eyewear models, comes our fourth generation of 3D 3D active-shutter eyewear*. The TY-ER3D4 3D eyewear can be charged extremely quickly and is lightweight and comfortable.

Rapid charging technology
For greater ease of use, the quick charge function provides approximately three hours of battery life from just two minutes of charging time; so even if you forget to charge your eyewear, you can still sit down to watch your movie without having to wait. An incredible 25 hours of battery life can be enjoyed from 30 minutes of charging time, making 3D viewing even more accessible and convenient for the whole family.

Lightweight and comfortable
Built for the ultimate comfort, TY-ER3D4 eyewear weighs just 27g; allowing you to enjoy long hours of relaxing viewing. The eyewear are available in two different sizes, meaning there will be a perfect fit for every member of the family and they easily fit over prescription glasses.

Compliant with the Full-HD 3D Glasses Standard, TY-ER3D4 eyewear use an RF (wireless) system based on Bluetooth® RF communication enhances stability for high-quality 3D viewing.

*This 2012 eyewear is suitable for use with 2012 TVs. Note that 2011 Eyewear will not work with 2012 models nor will 2012 eyewear work with 2011 models.  For more information please contact us