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Power conditioners, surge protectors, and upgrade power cables!

Power conditioners filter out the noise that is always present in your power lines. The power you receive in your home (and even in our shop) isn't a perfect 240v and 50Hz. The voltage may be up to 25 volts above or below 240, and tiny little spikes in the 50Hz wave form can introduce noise into your equipment. While power supplies in amplifiers and other audio equipment are very effective, they work even better when they are fed a stable, noise free power line.

Any sensitive electronics can benefit from having power filtered. And by sensitive electronics, I mean things like computers, and stereo equipment, but not a kettle, toaster, or sandwich press.

Power filters tend to have surge protectors built in to them, protecting your equipment from power surges and lightning strikes. Companies like Thor, that manufacture power filter boards, offer a rather long warranty, and a rather hefty guaruntee that will cover your equipment if the power board doesn't manage to protect your equipment. A surge protector is highly recommended with any equipment you don't want to have to replace. Weather that be your TV, or sound system, computers, aquarium gear, whatever. You don't want to be caught out.

Some of the most expensive, and most expensive power filters can have a sine wave regenerator. When your (around) 240v AC electricity enteres the unit, it gets turned to DC, and components in the sine wave regenerator will create a new, absolutely clean 240v AC 50Hz power signal.

Upgrade power cables can improve the sound of your stereo components. In the case of ALL stereo components, only a cheap black power lead is provided, built to the lowest acceptable standards. We highly recommend trying out a power cable before you buy to hear the difference for yourself.

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