PANASONIC TH65CS610A 65 inch LED LCD Television PANASONIC TH65CS610A 65 inch LED LCD Television PANASONIC TH65CS610A 65 inch LED LCD Television PANASONIC TH65CS610A 65 inch LED LCD Television PANASONIC TH65CS610A 65 inch LED LCD Television
PANASONIC TH65CS610A 65 inch LED LCD Television
PANASONIC TH65CS610A 65 inch LED LCD Television

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Regular Price: $3,399.00

Special Price $1,749.00



Panasonic CS650 Full HD LED LCD 65"

High Definition at its Very Best - tucked within the elegant lines of this top-of-the-range Full HD TV can be found a truly premium picture performance based on "HEXA Chroma Drive" alongside a versatile and user-friendly suite of smart features.

TV Anytime - Use a Smartphone or Tablet to Watch and Record from Outside the Home. This innovative feature lets you access your TV from a tablet or phone regardless of where in the world you might be. You can use the system to set recordings on your TV or, even better, you can stream live broadcasts or recorded content from your TV to your smart device - even if you're outdoors. All you need is an internet connection and "Panasonic Media Center App" in your smart device. (Depending on the network condition and broadcasts, this function may not be available. ** Panasonic Media Center App will be available in iTunes and Google Play from 2015 Spring).

Twin HD Tuners allow you to Watch and Record Two Programs Simultaneously - You can transfer a channel to a smartphone or tablet device while you are watching another one on the TV for simultaneous watching.

Swipe & Share Easily Shares Smartphone and Tablet Content on Your TV Screen - Swipe & Share lets you 'throw' content from smartphones and tablets onto your TV screen simply by swiping your fingers up your portable devices' touchscreens. Connecting your smart devices to your TV is now easier than ever, too, thanks to the latest Panasonic TV Remote app (Requires iOS 5.0.1 or later, and Android 4.0 or later and wireless LAN connection).

my Stream Organises Recommended Content into One Attractive and Easy-to-Navigate Interface - TVs with my Stream can actually learn what sort of content you most like to watch and compile a beautifully presented list or 'stream' of other content it thinks you might like. It's like having your own personalised TV channel. The material my Stream recommends can include TV shows, Video On Demand and Internet content (Internet service required. Available content may vary by product, model, and location, and may require fees).

Easily Reproduce What's Showing on Your Smartphone on Your TV Screen - It's now possible to set up a direct Wi-Fi connection between your TV and your smartphone or tablet, so that you can quickly and easily reproduce what's showing on your portable device on your TV's much bigger screen.

Super Bright Panel Plus - Boosts Brightness to Make Pictures Look Crisper and More Dynamic. LCD TVs aren’t usually very bright when set up to look their best, due to the types of light they use and the need to limit brightness to aid contrast. Super Bright Panels solve this problem via a combination of a new panel-driving system, a panel structure that lets light through more easily, and a highly efficient backlight system.

Smooth Reproduction of Fast Motion - One of the biggest weaknesses of LCD TVs is the way they can lose resolution and judder when showing motion. BMR addresses this problem by sequentially turning off sections of the backlight during the rendering of each image frame.
The TH65CS650A 55" LED LCD Screen has a 100Hz Backlight Motion Rate (100Hz Native)

Dot Noise Reduction - Reduces Random Picture Noise to Make Images Look Clearer and Crisper. Even with the arrival of HD, many of our video sources still contain lots of random noise that can leave them looking grainy and fuzzy on your TV screen. However, this so-called 'dot noise' can now be removed from almost any source by Dot Noise Reduction's unique noise detection and correction processing.

Media Player - Easy Viewing of Your Photos and Videos on Your TV Screen. Media players let you play back on your big TV screen any multimedia content - be it photos, movies or music - stored on USB memory sticks. All you have to do is slot them into the right sockets on the TV. You can even customise playback with a wealth of customisation options, such as adding background music and effects.

HDMI Input - Connect Your HDMI Devices. Featuring multiple HDMI ports. Multiple devices, such as a BD player and the newest game machines, can be simultaneously connected with HDMI cables. This opens the door to advanced AV entertainment.





Picture and Sound

  • Full HD LED LCD (1920 x 1080p)
  • 100Hz BMR IFC (100Hz Native)
  • Dual Core Processing Engine
  • Twin HD Tuner (Picture in Picture)
  • TV Anytime Enabled
  • Super Bright Panel Plus
  • Noise Reduction
  • Front Speakers x 2 (10 + 10) 20 W
  • VR-Audio True Surround


  • 3x HDMI Input
  • 2x USB Input
  • 1x Component Video Input (Shared with Composite)
  • 1x LAN Port
  • 1x Optical Digital Audio Out

Easy Operation

  • my Home Screen
  • Dual Core Processing Engine
  • Netflix Enabled
  • Hbb TV Enabled
  • Voice Interaction & Guidance


  • Black Frame
  • Narrow Bezel
  • Black/Silver


  • Eco Navigation
  • Ambient Sensor
  • Energy Star Rating: TBA


  • Wi-Fi Built In
  • VIERA Connect
  • Web Browser
  • USB HDD PVR Recording
  • Swipe & Share
  • Supported Media Formats:
    • MP3/AAC/WMA Pro/FLAC/Apple Lossless/WAV, JPEG


Picture Quality Display Panel LED LCD
Bright Panel Super Bright Panel Plus
Wide Colour Phosphor Panel
Screen Resolution 1,920 (W) x 1,080 (H)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Panel Drive 100Hz BMR IFC (Native 100Hz)
Picture Mode Dynamic/Normal/Cinema/True Cinema/Custom
4K Studio Master Processor
Hexa Chroma Drive
Vivid Digital Pro Y
4K Fine Remaster Engine
Dynamic Range Remaster
Viewing Angle 176 degree
Local Dimming
Adaptive Backlight Dimming Y
Noise Reduction Y(Dot Noise)
THX Certified Display
4K Pure Direct
isf Mode
Sound Quality Surround Mode V-Audio
Speakers Full Range x 2
Speaker Output 20 W (10 W x 2)
Sound Mode Standard/Music/Speech/User
Smart Features my Home Screen Y
Info Frame
Voice Interaction Voice Interaction
Direct Talk
Voice Guidance Y
EPG SI, 7 days
On Screen Display Menu Languages English
Unique Processing Engine
Wireless LAN Built-in Y
Panasonic Media Center (App) Panasonic Media Center (App)
TV Anytime
USB-HDD Recording Y
Panasonic TV Remote Apps Panasonic TV Remote Apps Y
Swipe & Share Y
Smart Calibration
Internet Apps Internet Apps Y
Web Browser*2 Y
Hbb TV Y
Easy Mirroring Y
Media Player Media Player Y
Teletext Reception 1000P
Multi Window PAT
Hotel Mode Y
Energy Data Visible Screen Size (diagonal) 164 cm / 65 inches
Rated Power Consumption 1.04 A
Standby Power Consumption 0.2 W
Power Supply AC 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Ambient Sensor Y
Terminal Twin HD Tuner
Digital Tuner Reception DVB-T
Analogue Tuner 4-System (PAL/NTSC/M-NTSC/PAL-60)
DisplayPort (4K 60/50p Input)
HDMI HDMI 2 (rear)
HDMI (4K 60/50p with HDCP2.2)
Support Feature Audio Return Channel (Input 2)
USB 2 (side; USB 2.0 x 2)
LAN Port 1 (rear)
SD Card
Component Video Input shared with Composite RCA phono type x 1 (rear)
Digital Audio Output (Optical) 1 (rear)
Analogue Audio Output
GENERAL Included Accessory*4 TV Remote
Dimensions (W x H x D) (w/o stand) 1,463 x 842 x 62 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D) (with stand) 1,463 x 907 x 373 mm
Weight (w/o stand) 25.5 kg
Weight (with stand) 29.0 kg
VESA Compatible Y
NOTE *2 The Web Browser cannot display some web pages correctly. And viewable contents by VIERA Web Browser are subject to the following conditions;
NOTE - viewable contents may vary depend on models,
NOTE - viewable contents may differ from those for PC,
NOTE - viewable contents may be limited.
NOTE *3 HID (Human Interface Device Profile) compliant keyboards are available.
NOTE *4 Not all the accessories are listed here.