VERTERE D-Fi DD USB 2.0 Cable - USB A to Micro LAST ONE!!!

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VERTERE D-Fi DD USB 2.0 Cable - USB A to Micro LAST ONE!!!

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Warranty Period: Limited Lifetime (Domestic) Sold as: Single Unit


Grab a Vertere D-Fi USB Cable and get the best performance from your notebook or any digital source with a USB output. Link the source to a DAC or an amplifier with a USB input and enjoy what D-Fi brings to your music.

Realise the potential
Vertere's research has proved that most of today's multimedia devices actually do have the potential for high-quality audio performance - as long as they are connected with correctly and specifically designed cables. New generations of music listeners hold functionality in high regard, but just like any other consumer group, they will respond equally to quality of performance.

Vertere believe ergonomics and performance are not opposing qualities, and that they should go hand in hand. When they are married successfully, the results are products that command the greatest consumer interest. Apple's huge appeal shows how this crucial combination can achieve unprecedented popularity and success.

  • Music is more popular and essential than ever before, thanks to multimedia digital devices.
  • Multimedia products do have the potential for great sound. But the potential needs to be unlocked by proper connections.
  • Combining ergonomics and performance brings success - as demonstrated by Apple products.
  • Young people today demand and deserve good sound. D-Fi puts audiophile quality at their fingertips.
  • D-Fi transforms music with headphones, mobile devices, home computers and AV systems. 
  • D-Fi brings the music wherever it goes!

The new D-Fi is closely based on the Vertere Pulse range of precision audio cables. Where the Pulse range caters for hi-end audio, D-Fi is designed for a much wider audience.

As the new D-Fi range sits within the Vertere branded offerings, the Pulse moniker was maintained but placed in the background, allowing the D-Fi name to act as a standalone brand. Establishing a strong individual presence allows the D-Fi range to take on a unique tone of voice that will become part of the user's language. It exists happily within the Vertere world of products, yet has its own clear identity.