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ZVOX SOUNDBASE 220 Soundbar Virtual Surround Speaker

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ZVOX SOUNDBASE 220 Soundbar Virtual Surround Speaker

Regular Price: $349.00

Special Price $220.00

Warranty Period: 1 year Sold as: Single Unit


Only about the size of a DVD player, the Z-Base 220 system can fill your room with rich, satisfying 3D sound -- including thumping bass response -- with no external speakers, subwoofers or speaker wires! The 220's sound quality is excellent because we use high performance speakers and amplifiers. And unlike any other sound bar in its price category, the Z-Base 220 uses a wood (MDF) cabinet -- not plastic. Our exclusive PhaseCue II technology creates three-dimensional surround sound without external speakers and wires.

"I like a lot of gadgets and gear, but it's rare that I fall in love. When I connected the Zvox Z-Base 220 speaker cabinet to my bedroom TV, it was love at first sound. It's that good.... the Z-Base 220 sounds fantastic." -CNET

"If you want to enhance your home theater's sound, the ZVox Z-Base 220 is an inexpensive way to add plenty of power without any hassle." -PC Magazine



Main features:

  • World's Smallest Home Theatre System
  • No External Subwoofer - Everything's Built-In
  • Super-Clear Vocals
  • "Loud Commercial Control" Feature
  • Front-Panel iPod® Portable Connection
  • Works With Your TV or Cable Box Remote


    A ZVOX Audio V-Series system accepts analogue audio or PCM digital audio. An analogue audio output on a TV works in all cases (if available). In order to use digital audio, the TV or each of its digital program sources should be configured to PCM digital audio fomat. Don't hesitate to contact ZVOX Audio regarding the best method for connecting a V-Series system to your TV. Please note your TV's brand and model number. You can fit the 220 on a shelf below the TV or, depending on the size of your TV, you can put it under your TV set. Hook-up is super-simple -- just one connecting wire and a one-page owner's manual. You can even teach the ZVOX 220 to respond to your TV or cable box remote control! If you want great TV sound without the complexity...without the mess....and without the high price, the Z-Base 220 is the right choice for you.

    Incredibly Clear Voices. Our Dialog Emphasis feature uses hearing aid technology to make voices unbelievably clear. It's amazing.

    Tame Loud Commercials. Tired of commercials that blast you out of your chair? Our Output Levelling feature reacts instantly and turns them down to a lower level. You'll love it.

    PhaseCue® II Virtual Surround Sound. The 220 uses ZVOX's proprietary PhaseCue II virtual surround processing to give you rich, three-dimensional sound with movies or music.. While no virtual surround system - including ours - will give you the surround effects of a good 5.1 system, the ZVOX 220 does a remarkable job. Sound & Vision magazine calls our PhaseCue processing "remarkably ingenious."

    Disappearing Display. The 220 features a four-digit display located behind the speaker grille that shows the current setting for volume, bass, treble and PhaseCue II® (virtual surround) - and also shows when you have engaged the Mute, Output Levelling (OL) or Dialog Emphasis (DE) features. A few seconds after you stop using your remote (or front panel) controls, the display disappears completely.

    Uses Your Remote Control. The Z-Base system can be programmed to respond to your remote control. The illuminated display walks you through a less-than-a-minute programming cycle. Then your TV remote...or cable box remote...or satellite receiver remote...or ANY remote...can control volume, mute, power and input functions of the ZVOX system. Click here to see a video of how this works.

    Multiple Inputs...including front-panel connection for iPod® and other portable devices. The 220 has two analogue audio inputs, one optical (Toslink) digital input, one coaxial digital input - plus a front panel 3.5mm analogue stereo input for convenient connection of your iPod or other portable audio device. Any specific input can be selected using either the remote control or the slim-line module below the speaker grille.

    Just Plain Great Sound. The most important feature for any home theatre system is high quality sound. The 220 uses premium quality speakers and amplifiers and was designed by our team of "New England Sound" speaker designers. We think you will be amazed at just how good such a small system can sound.



  Competitor ZVOX 220
Output Levelling to tame loud commercials No Yes
Dialogue Emphasis for super-clear vocals No Yes
Built-in Powered Subwoofer No Yes
MDF Cabinet No Yes
Switching between multiple A/V devices No Yes
Can learn to respond to other remotes No Yes
Front connection for iPod or other devices No Yes
Volume and power controls on sound system No Yes
Bass Adjustment Control No Yes
Treble Adjustment Control No Yes
PhaseCue II Virtual Surround Sound No Yes
Multiple Virtual Surround Settings No Yes
Dolby Digital Decoding Yes No
Height 7.6cm 8.9cm
Width 53cm 43cm
Depth 31cm 31cm
Size-Compatible with most 37" TVs Yes Yes
Size-Compatible with most 42" TVs No No
Size-Compatible with most 50" TVs No No
TV Weight Limit 18kg 32kg
TV Base Maximum Width 50cm 41cm
TV Base Maximum Depth 26cm 29cm
Weight 4.6kg 5.5kg
Power Output Not Specified 30w
RRP $549 $349

How To Program Your remote from ZVOX Video