THOR A12BF Smart Board with Dynamic Active Tracking

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THOR A12BF Smart Board with Dynamic Active Tracking

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Warranty Period: 6 years Sold as: Single Unit



Smart Board Smart Series with its unique Dynamic Active Tracking™ protection (pat. pending) strategy is without question the most comprehensive solution to defend your electronic equipment. 38 separate and discrete components working in both series and parallel provide a failsafe barrier against virtually all categories of electrical disturbances, so common with today’s power grids. When it comes to minimising your equipment risk, we make no wild or glossy promises. Our products do what we say they do. The team at THOR Technologies have individually engineered each product to be the best in its class. Best price. Best performance. Best value.




  • LED Control Resistors
  • Toroidal coils for maximum filtration
  • AV/TV protected outlets with splitter - 1 line in, 2 line out. RJ45 Data Protection with splitter - 1 line in, 2 lines out. For standard 75Ohm Coaxial Cables.
  • Extra large metal oxide protection varistors
  • Safety fuses
  • Protection on all 3 conductors (Active, Neutral and Earth)
  • Polyester Film Capacitors to Prevent inter-circuit interference (EMF, EMI and RFI)
  • Active tracking decoupling capacitors
  • Safety Bleeder Resistor
  • Highj Voltage Diodes
  • Ultra Fast DC Protection Circuit
  • Resettable safety 10 amp circuit breaker


Supply Voltage 240VAC 50Hz
Maximum Current Rating 10A/2400W
Clamping Voltage 275VAC
Reaction time Less than 1 Nano Second
Maximum Transient Spike Impulse Current 208,000 amps. 52,000 Amps using UL1449 Standard
Maximum Energy Dissipation (Joules) 6080 Joules. Equivalent to 2050 Jouls using UL1449 Standard
Protection Modes (All 8 outlets. Protects on all 3 conductors) Active/ Neutral, Active/Earth, Neutral/Earth
EMI/RFI Noise Reduction Filter Type Dynamic Active Tracking incorporating 38 Separate protection components in 3 cascading circuits.
Number of Multi-Stage Filter Banks 3
Number of Isolated Banks 3
Number of Dedicated Outlets 4+3+1
Total Number of protected AC outlets 8
RJ45 Data Protection 1 in - 2 out
Incoming television aerial protection (DC) 1x "F" Type Pay TV Connection & 1x AV/TV Coax connection
Earth potential rise protection  
Earth leakage range Less than 1 milli amp
Operating Conditions Indoor / AC Mains Electricity
Operating Temperatures -10C / +60C


Staff Review:

I have heard the differences power conditioning can do in store, and for a laugh once, we chained the PS10 through a couple more filter boards until there was absolutely zero power noise with a perfect 240v (we have a powerline noise sniffer in store). But particularly, I wanted to mention my experience with the A12BF, plugging it up to my gaming/hifi/computer setup at home.

Immediately, I noticed all the 50Hz hum that my Phono Pre-Amplifier couldn't resolve was absent. My amplifier seemed to provide a slightly more accurate bass, and crisper high end... Although, I will have to do more involved listening tests as the sounds of my housemate enjoying the Sunday night sportsball game drowned out some of the finer details.

Plugging my computer hardware up to it made a more obvious difference. More consistent framerates in games, marginally less noise from the power supply,  and marginally more responsive. With the monitor, flickering lights in games, subtle colours, and shadows were much more obvious.

Glad I pinched this off the shelf. I'm happy with it, and knowing how bad the electricity can be in the inner west, it will probably save my gear one day.



My Hi Fi sounded like a whole new system - A12 Smart Board.

Sydney — New South Wales

I bought this Smart Board initially to smooth out peaks in the power supply to my Rega 25 turntable which it did very successfully through its advanced filtering technology. Surge protection was a secondary reason for the purchase as I had some provision for this already. However, I connected my audio visual equipment to the Smart Board as additional protection, initially with the 400 watts amplifier included. Sound and video were cleaner, better defined, with overall improved quality. Picture quality is hard to describe but I am sure there is greater depth, evidenced by a feeling of being drawn into the picture rather than just watching a flat screen. The sound from the flat screen sound bar particularly was clearer with a distinct tight and controlled bass extension; dialogue was easier to hear.
The hifi, while clean, lacked power and the music lacked drive and force.
I removed the amplifier from the Smart Board and plugged it into the wall socket. All A/V sources plus sound bar were still plugged into the powerboard .
My hifi sounded like a whole new system. I listen to classical music and require a realistic musical sound. What was there before was still there but the overall range of sound was much fuller and expansive. Bass seemed limitless, tight, and defined. Right through the mid-range up to the very high frequencies there was distortion-free clarity and unbelievably full sound. It was the most musical sound I have ever heard from recorded music. I am hearing parts of the music I have not heard before. Individual instruments in orchestras, voices in choirs, the voice qualities of singers, the artistry of soloists and the quality of their instruments are all being revealed to me now.
I should also mention here that I found the powerpack plug for the masthead amplifier for the TV antenna should not be plugged into the smartboard. I found it introduced noise and distortion in the sound from all sources.
My local hifi store staff have repeatedly told me about the advantages of power separation in audio/video but now I am retired I don't have the money to spend on this luxury I once did, however, I believe I have stumbled upon a very cost effective way of achieving a similar result through the Thor Smart Board.

Many thanks Thor Technologies.

Kind Regards

Donald Paton


A12 makes a difference in a studio

Perth — Western Australia

I found out about the Smartboard from a friend of mine, Andy. He's a studio owner as well. He sent me 2 files, both the same bounce, but one had the Thor on it, and the other didn't. The song was passing out of Pro tools into a few analog bits, then back into stereo converters to get back to pro tools. The difference was significant!

I ended up getting a Smartboard for a trial, and ended up buying it later that day. I didn't even realise i had any power issues. Ive used power conditioners before, and have found they are acoustically noisy, and didn't give me anything noticeably better.

Straight away when I plugged in the Smartboard, I noticed a few things. First up was I thought I forgot to turn on my amps that power my monitors. Looked down, and they were actually on. I turned my monitor controller up to full, and not even a hint of hiss. None. Was quite odd to experience.

When recording, I had many bits of outboard connected to my converters. Main difference I notice has to do with space and depth. Not sure exactly how to explain this, but I felt like the sound wasn't coming at me from my speakers. I felt like I had to listen into the speakers. It makes everything clearer, and easier to hear the exact space the sound is actually sitting in. Sometimes when mixing for a few hours, I have to listen from outside the room for perspective. With the Smartboard on, I'm not being smacked in the face when I bring a sound forward. It gently sidles up front. Again, quite weird to hear the first time. Loved it.

I also noticed everything felt more stable. Everything feels tighter. Bottom end is More solid, and easier to hear whats going on down there.

It has made all my gear sound better. Everything. I have certain preamps I got bored with a while back. I kinda love some of them again. I think I'm hearing how they are supposed to sound. Mental..

My mastering engineer heard the difference this morning too. Andy (fellow studio owner) sent him the same 2 files we had listened to initially when testing out the Thor. We didn't tell him what was what, or even why they are different. He could totally hear what Andy and I already felt. His description involved space, depth, solid etc. All the audio cliches. PS, he's quite a mastering engineer too. The fella has a couple of Grammys!.
Got him all intrigued too. I think he will be trying out some Thor stuff now.

Think I'm going to get one for the other room too now.

Good stuff..

Dave Parkin
Blackbird Studio Perth


Movies improved picture and sound clearer - didn’t think it was possible..

Palmwoods — Queensland

Hi, already own A12 board, unbelievable product has made movies on hard drive through media centre noticeably blacker blacks and the sound clearer for music (high end equipment though) did not think it was possible !!! THANK YOU.


12 year old board fixes 3D printer glitches

Brisbane — Queensland

Often people quick to whinge about the experience or product and rarely remember to pay a compliment where it is deserved. About six months ago I entered the world of 3-D printing and constructed a unit for myself, occasionally I would notice that the 3-D printer would freeze in the middle or near the end of a print for no apparent reason.
When this occurs after a 4 or 12 hour print it is incredibly wasteful and inconvenient. It turns out that the Arduino board controlling the unit (which is very common in all 3-D printers) is sensitive to power spikes. This would occur when a light or fan on the same same circuit was switched on or off. I tried three different power boards which will remain anonymous and a dusty well used 12 year old Thor, which I was using on my entertainment unit. The Thor was the only board to prevent the problem. So I gave it a torture test, I put an old 2x 4ft  Fluoro tube pool table light on a double adapter prior to the Thor board and gave it a go. Fan-bloody-tastic! The printer ran uninterrupted. It exceed the performance of all the others.
When I bought a board years ago I could see it was a good product from the specs and after more than a decade there is proof Thor really delivers.  

The Muscle Therapist.


A12BF Smart Board cleans up sound stage and base sound of speakers

Sydney — New South Wales

Just bought the A12BF Smart Board. This has cleaned up the sound stage of my system. Marantz AV7005 pre amp. Three Rotel power amps 2 x 1070's, one 1080. Blue Rae Oppo 95 player, it has cleaned the base sound of the speakers. I am now going to clean up the power with PS10 Smart Station, for we still do no have stable power.


Peter Rowse


A12 Improves Hi Fi system performance - Shane

Sydney — New South Wales

On Friday I installed an A12 Smart Board, due to a history of equipment damage (power supplies mostly) to my hi-fi and connected TV system over the year. It may or may not have something to do with a sub-station just 15 feet away beyond the lounge room wall where my gear sits. From the moment I plugged in the A12 I finally achieved the hi-fi quality I have dreamed of.  I guess it's cleaned the power supply of noise and conditioned it -- whatever, it is a result that finally makes my system worth the money I have spent on it over the years. I am very happy.

I always thought power conditioning was beyond my reach but it seems that's not the case.

Many thanks for this great Aussie product.


Shane Nichols - Sydney NSW


Improves PC screen and snug fit into board

Brisbane — Queensland

Thought I would send you a quick not to say how happy we are since installing Thor powerboards in our office.  I am the Director for answers IT and we rely on our systems to run the business.  We had regular power issues with monitors as well as the simplicity of the plugs of our devices sitting 'nicely' in a powerboard.  Now with Thor we find that the monitor brightness has been improved on all cases and no more falling out power cords from other power boards.

Thankyou Thor,  Expect an order for my home environment also!

Kind regards