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PROJECT Signature 10 Turntable

High end belt drive turntable with 10kg platter and 10" tonearm.

An uncompromising high-end turntable combining mass-loading with magnetically-floating turntable principles.

$8,919.00 Regular Price $12,749.00

Signature 10 is an audiophile marvel, that represents our championship in precision engineering and our deep love for music.

Magnetic feet and TPE-pillows decouple the resonance-free metal granulate filled MDF-chassis from your shelf surface. The Signature 10 subsequently benefits from a wonderfully resonance-free, heavy platter, that runs ultra-silently on an inverted ceramic ball bearing with magnetic suspension and is also TPE damped.

The 10” single-pivot tonearm is a genuine Pro-Ject design. With its wide range of adjustment possibilities and the choice of adequate counterweights, nearly all cartridges can be mounted. 


10'' Tonearm

Single-pivot with SME headshell

This high-end S-shape aluminium tonearm features a non magnetic low resonance construction with minimised bearing friction.

10 kg Platter

Mass loaded aluminium

The 10 kg aluminium platter is TPE damped and sits on an inverted bearing which is magnetically decoupled. The vinyl layer on top is the perfect surface for your record.

Decoupled Feet

Magnetically decoupled

Magnetic fields in the feet ensure effective mechanical decoupling of the entire player from interference.

33/45 RPM

Electronic speed change

Easily change the speed with the push of only a single button. The precision generator ensures the perfect playback speed with the utmost precision.

  • 33-1/3RPM
  • 45RPM
  • Electronic Speed Change
Motor control system    
  • Precision generator
  • 10.4 kg
  • TPE damped
Platter puck    
  • 405 g
Main bearing    
  • Ceramic (ball/plate), magnetically decoupled
  • 10” single-pivot, alu with SME headshell
Effective arm length    
  • 254.8 mm
  • 16 mm
Effective arm mass    
  • 15.5 g
Suitable cartridge mass    
  • 4 - 10 g
  • several counterweights included
Tonearm cable included    
  • Pro-Ject Connect it 5P-CC
Power supply    
  • 16 Volts DC/1600 mA included
  • Region specific clips for mains included.
Standby power consumption
  • < 1 Watt
  • 475mm Width
  • 354mm Depth
  • 195mm Height
  • 23kg

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