MILTY Zerostat 3 Anti-static Gun
MILTY Zerostat 3 Anti-static Gun

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The Zerostat 3 is highly rated for its ability to improve the sound quality of records and CDs by removing static. The Zerostat 3 incorporates a unique Piezo Crystal device which generates a positive electrical charge of Ions with one gentle squeeze of the trigger, and a negative charge on the material. Constructed from a durable hard plastic, it requires no batteries or refills and is a long lasting alternative to cleaning brushes.

The Zerostat 3 helps keep LP phonograph records, vinyl, CDs, DVDs, film, negatives, lenses, glass, and plasticware static-free, dust-free and lint-free. It is the latest development and incarnation of the renowned Zerostat piezo-electric pistol that has been proven worldwide in neutralizing static electricity found in a variety of items in the laboratory, office, and home. This versatile instrument is portable and does not require batteries, electrical power supply or refills. Life expectancy is 50,000+ trigger operations (squeezes).

Each Zerostat 3 comes with complete instructions and a test ion-indicator to confirm that the unit is working properly. Static electricity is an LP owner's enemy. It's what attracts dust and dirt to vinyl, and that can damage the surface over time. You can clean away debris, but why not help prevent it accumulating in the first place? Zap static with Zerostat. A couple of trigger pulls does the trick.

Zerostat 3 is the latest version of the original piezo-electric antistatic pistol that's been an audiophile favorite for years. It reduces static on insulating surfaces such as phonograph records, film negatives, and more.

The Zerostat 3 produces negative and positive ions that couple with the positive and negative static charges on the surface of your LP, effectively neutralizing static electricity. Just hold the Zerostat pistol about 12 inches away from your LP. Squeeze the trigger slowly, and a powerful stream of positive ions projects over a spread of about 16 inches. Release it slowly, and negative ions are produced. It's just that easy! Regular use of Zerostat 3 can release dirt and dust on records, eliminating pops and crackles caused by static 'hot spots.' It's also ideal for reducing static charges on CDs and DVDs.

Zerostat 3 is constructed of a durable hard plastic. It's built to last, and is good for at least 50,000 trigger operations. Best of all, it requires no power supply, batteries, or refills of any kind. Zerostat includes a special ion-indicator which shows you that Zerostat is working. Just plug the indicator into the end of the 'pistol,' squeeze the handle, and a small neon tube will gently glow red.



  • No Batteries Needed
  • Dimensions: 4.5" x 6.5"
  • Weight: 4.9 ounces
  • Made in England
  • Blast Away Static for Better Sounding LPs and CDs
  • Effective at neutralising static charges on virtually any surface without the need of sprays.