AUDIO PRO WF100 Wireless HiFi Transmitter & Receiver

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AUDIO PRO WF100 Wireless HiFi Transmitter & Receiver

Regular Price: $279.00

Special Price $245.00

Warranty Period: 2 years Sold as: Single Unit

Regular Price: $279.00

Special Price $245.00





We’ve designed our products to be very easy to use. That's why our speakers need only power; our wireless units need no software and our transmitter only a sound source. Connect the speakers to power, connect the transmitter to your computer (or other device) and play your music. It's as simple as that!

Unique network for best quality

Audio Pro Network uses a dedicated, protected protocol which is in 2.4 GHz-band for best possible sound quality. The transmission is in full CD quality which makes it possible to play uncompressed formats such as FLAC, Apple Lossless etc. We have a built-in “sniffer” system to sniff out any other wireless channels which may potentially give interference. This “sniffer” system automatically jumps between free RF(Radio Frequency) channels so no interference will occur. Using frequency hopping before listening, the system switch channel before any interference occurs. The system progressively control our audio bands. This ensures that the Audio Pro network work and coexist with other wireless systems. We have a built-in security that filters RF interference from other wireless networks.

Music in more rooms, just add receivers

You can add more RX100 receivers to each House Code as long as receiver are within range of transmitter. Add more stereos, radios and powered speakers to the wireless audio network without problems. Single RX100 units are available separately.

Multiroom made simple

With our House Codes you can have up to three separate audio networks in your home. Using three different transmitters you can listen to different muisc in different rooms at the same time. Each receiving device, such as Living speakers and WF100, has a switch for which House Code it should use. And you can easily change to have all on same House Code, letting all devices play from one sound source.


With Apple AirPlay and Audio Pro Wireless you can stream iTunes playlists and songs from your Mac, iPad and iPhone wirelessly to Living speakers or RX100 receivers anywhere in your home. Just connect our transmitter to an Airport Express and select your Airport Express unit as sound device on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Now let the music flow.


With Splashtop Remote you can access everything on your computer via your iPad: watch videos, work in Word or listen to your music. Splashtop works brilliantly with Audio Pro Wireless to make your iPad a great remote for your music. Just connect our transmitter to the computer you mirror with Splashtop and access your music wirelessly – as well as everything else on your computer. You’ll find Splashtop Remote in the App store.


Just as you can listen to any sound source through our wireless network, you can also enjoy any player installed on your computer or portable unit. It doesn't matter whether your music comes from Spotify, iTunes, Winamp, Wimp, Grooveshark or Rhapsody. If you can play the music, you can enjoy it wirelessly through our network.


Audio Pro always uses the most advanced and proven technologies to give you the quality you expect from us. For our wireless components we’ve installed high performance Burr/Brown D/A-converters with 24 bit resolution and advanced Sonix digital sound processors, which use superior noise reduction and sophisticated error correction algorithms for best possible sound reproduction and extremely high efficiency.


Wireless audio from whatever you like

Our flexible wireless transmitter makes it possible to connect to any soundsource. You can connect it directly to your computers USB port or to your stereo or iPod-, iPhone- and iPad-dock via 3.5 mm stereo cable. Done! Now you can enjoy perfect wireless sound. You can connect any soundsoruce which has a sound output (such as headphones out) to the transmitter, and all powered speakers which has line in to the receiver (separate USB powersupply is needed if the unit doesn't have USB power supply.)