Apollo Hi-Fi

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  1. TIVOLI Model One AM/FM Radio
    $180.00 Regular Price $199.00
  2. TIVOLI Model One BT AM/FM Radio with Bluetooth
    $268.00 Regular Price $299.00
  3. TIVOLI Model One Digital (Gen. 2) Digital Radio
    $398.00 Regular Price $449.00
  4. TIVOLI Model One+ DAB+ Radio
    $360.00 Regular Price $399.00
  5. TIVOLI Model Sub Subwoofer
    $400.00 Regular Price $449.00
  6. TIVOLI Model Three BT Clock Radio
    $360.00 Regular Price $399.00
  7. TIVOLI Music System Home Gen2
  8. TIVOLI Music System+ All in One music system
    $819.00 Regular Price $899.00
  9. TIVOLI PAL BT Portable Radio
    $268.00 Regular Price $299.00
  10. TIVOLI PAL+ BT Portable Radio
    $310.00 Regular Price $339.00
  11. TIVOLI Revive Bedside Bluetooth Speaker and Phone Charger
  12. Tivoli SongBook MAX Portable Bluetooth Speaker
    $799.00 Regular Price $849.00
  13. Tivoli Songbook Portable Bluetooth
    $599.00 Regular Price $649.00
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A Unique Mix of Style & Sound

Tivoli Audio originated in Boston in 2000 with just one radio. Today we share our passion for music and design all over the world. Our products are created to bring harmony between quality-audio and design with the belief that both are equally important, and neither should be sacrificed for the other. Tivoli Audio products are perfected to deliver beautiful music.


Meticulously crafted designs and quality materials create our sound and vision. Each unit is produced with care, from the handmade wooden cabinets to the fine-tuned mechanics. This is key to our long-lasting quality.

Architecture of sound.

Tivoli Audio products are created to make natural replication of sound that can be delivered from a small and compact footprint. With only one or two speakers in each speaker, we strive to get optimum audio quality without destroying our design concepts.

It's all in the details.

We want our designs to elevate the sound and technology behind the product. Paying attention to details in functionality, finishes, materials, and features are the essence of the Tivoli Audio experience.

Environmental Commitment

Music is a universal language, and our operation should be too.

We know as a consumer electronics company it is quite challenging to protect the environment with our carbon footprint, but we continue to make changes where we can to make a significant impact.

Changing to more recycled materials in our packaging, reducing the use of plastics, changing to digital owner manuals, or even using eco-friendly fabrics, we are continuously improving our production process to become greener.

We also make sure that our returned product, which is no longer sellable but working, is put to good use either being donated to various causes, properly recycled, or used to create art installations, as opposed to just throwing them out.

We attempt to offset our environmental footprint by partnering with One Tree Planted. Learn about this and our other non-profit partnerships in our Tivoli Together initiative.