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SUNFIRE HRS10 Active Subwoofer
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SUNFIRE HRS10 Active Subwoofer SUNFIRE HRS10 Active Subwoofer

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SUNFIRE HRS8 8inch Active Subwoofer

SUNFIRE HRS8 8inch Active Subwoofer

SUNFIRE HRS10 Active Subwoofer

HRS Series is a bass lover's reason to celebrate. In addition to possessing many of Sunfire's patented and celebrated technologies the High Resolution Series takes its cues from Sunfire's flagship XT-Series SubRosa subwoofer. Like Subrosa all three HRS models feature an obsessive attention to component selection High Back-emf woofer design and share its innovative acoustic tailoring we call Frequency Filtration Design.
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SUNFIRE HRS10 Active Subwoofer

What does the legendary 2700 Watt Sunfire SubRosa and these three HRS subwoofers have in common? To start, each shares your never-ending lust for power and performance, and each gives you more of both than any other product in its class. Each was designed to enhance the design of any room in which you place it. And each provides its owner with the satisfaction that only comes from a product that does everything it’s supposed to do better than you could have ever imagined. In short, it is the lessons learned in creating one of the most powerful subwoofers in the world that helps make every HRS subwoofer a study in brazen power, efficiency and reliability. All-new, yet each is another immediate classic.

Each HRS subwoofer puts out 1000 Watts of power from its remarkable amplifier featuring Sunfire’s signature Tracking Downconverter technology. The result is a line of subwoofers that typically produce up to 50% more voltage and remain both cool and calm while doing so.  More voltage means more control which produces deeper, more accurate bass.

HRS subwoofers come in three, purpose-built designs. The HRS-8 is perfect fit for smaller rooms and tighter locations where space is a consideration. The HRS-10 makes small work of turning midsize and multi-purpose rooms into concertquality spaces. And, the HRS-12 delivers output equal to most 15” speakers and serves as the perfect fit for larger rooms and dedicated home theater spaces where the emphasis is on watching movies.

1000 Watt TDC amplifier

Gloss black lacquer finish

Output: 105 dB SPL (inc. room gain)

Frequency response: 20Hz - 100Hz

Model  HRS - 10 
Driver  Ten - inch, High Back - emf 
Frequency Response  20 Hz - 100 Hz 
Maximum Output  105 dB* 
Internal Amplifier Power  1000 W RMS
Output Level Control off to +15 dB continuously variable
Crossover Frequency   30 Hz - 100 Hz continuously variable w/ bypass
Phase Contol   continuously variable - 180˚ 
Inputs  5-way binding posts
Line Level Output  70 Hz High Pass 
Line Power Consumption 600 W avg., 2000 W peak, 16 W standby
Power Requirements 100 V 50 Hz, 120 V 60Hz or 220V 50/60Hz
Finish  Black 
Dimensions   292 mm cubed 
Weight  15.4 kg