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JAMO D590 Special Edition Floorstanding Speakers
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JAMO D590 Special Edition Floorstanding Speakers JAMO D590 Special Edition Floorstanding Speakers

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JAMO D590 Special Edition Floorstanding Speakers

 Jamo commemorates the 50th anniversary of its existence by launching a limited edition of the Jamo D 590 loudspeaker.

Special Price $2,632.83 Regular Price $3,290.00




The most conspicuous feature of the D 590 is their design. For one thing, this design offers a large cabinet without the loudspeaker seeming big; it also damps 'standing waves'. Further, owing to the rather considerable depth of the cabinet, the treble and the mid - range units are placed so far from the back wall as to prevent reflections.
The Cabinet sides are made in a brand new sandwich design consisting of a MDF board with longitudinal frooves and an fibre board. After grooving the MDG board, allowing for the arc shape, the two boards are glued together resulting in an extremely rigid board poor in resonance, preventing undersirable cabinet birbations from colouring the sound.
The front grille consists of a thin MDF board  frame, covered with fabric. The very close contact between loudspeaker and front frame, together with the flat front frame, ensures that the diffraction (colouring / distortion particularly of upper midrange and treble, due to reflections from the loudspeaker front irregularities), is reduced to a minimum

The treble is a soft dome tweeter.
The unit is oil cooled and has a voice coil wound of thermosetting wire on an aluminium voice coil former, for high power handling.
The midrange units have a specially woven of thermosetting wire on an aluminium voice coil former, for high power handling.
The midrange units have a specially woven fibre glass diaphragm.Other than the exclusive design, the special weave ensures a uniform material thickness over the entire diaphragm.
A lougspeaker diaphragm can be compared to a piston, and to comply with the heavy demands on the a diaphragm materia's stretch and compession proprerties, the composite fibre material is composed of four different types of glass and treated with a tough-hardening resin. This results in a light and tigid cone with good internal damping. Combined with the natural rubber suspension, which effectively prevents bivrations from travelling back to the diaphragm, the result is a very well controlled diaphragm that operates without break ups in its working range.
The unit's basket is made in injection moulded carbon fibre reinforced ABS. Using a non-magnetic materials such as ABS ensures that the magnetic force stays concentrated around the voice coil instead of spreading out into the basket.
As a result, the efficiency of the unit is increased, and the loudspeaker may be placed closer to a TV set without risk of discolouring the image. Compared to a conventional metal baskt, the acoustic properties are significantly improved, as the ABS material has a much higher internal damping.
The unit has a large magnet and a heavy voice coil with a diameter of 25mm.
All these propoerties lead to an open and precise sound reproduction with unsurpassed attack. As the design of the unity also makes for very low distortion and excellent reproduction of a large frequency area, phase errors in the important midrange area can be eliminated since this entire area is reproduced by one signlg unit.

This principle has been used in the Jamo D 590, in which the midrange units cover the range from appr. 150 to 3,000 Hz. In D 590, two midrange units have been used to control the sound scatter, i.e: for one thing, higher horizontal scatter, making the listening position less critical, and also less vertical scatter, making fewer reflections from the floor and the ceiling.

The D 590 has specially developed long throw woofers, one mounted at the bottom of each cabinet.

This woofer placing ensures an excellent coupling to the room and thus a very smooth frequency response and an uncriticial set up of the speakers.

The D-590 SE floorstanding speaker is a Jamo Classic. An elegant, ellipse shaped design gives the D-590 SE a distinctive sculptured appearance, while ensuring a minimum of internal sonic distortions. The cabinet shape also provides an optimal environment for the down-firing woofer, enabling it to reproduce even the lowest frequencies.

The cabinet sides feature a unique sandwich structure, comprising an MDF board with longitudinal grooves and a layer of fibreboard. Extremely rigid, the cabinet includes the internal bracing that makes it sonically inert and prevents unwanted vibrations from colouring the sound.

The D-590 SE is a superb all-rounder, with true full0range performance. It is a substantial speaker, equally adept at music or home theatre playback, and offers a natural, involving sound at an affordable price.

The D-590 SE is a limited edition run, with only 250 pairs being produced for the worldwide market. Jamo celebrates their 50th anniversary by revisiting this classic design, while bringing a few modern visual changes to bring it in line with the styling of modern speakers and modern homes.

Overall Dimensions

  • 1060mm Height
  • 261mm Width
  • 390mm Depth


  • 2 x 5" Mid Drivers

Power Handling

  • 200W continuous
  • 280W Peak


  • 8" Down Firing Woofer


  • 1" Soft Dome Tweeter


  • 25.8kg Each

System Type

  • 3 Way Bassreflex

Frequency Response (Hz, +/-3dB)

  • 35 - 20.000




  • 90dB @2.83V/1M


  • Black


  • Gold plated bi-wiring screw terminals

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