As you can imagine the coronavirus pandemic has caused business to slow down somewhat and anyone stating their business is thriving are not telling it as it really is. Employment uncertainty and the unprecedented layoffs have created a gloomy forecast. Most of our current suppliers are or already have increased their prices and we will ineviatably have to pass on these increases. Now is probably a good time to consider that upgrade. The savings will be beneficial in the long run and a good way to enjoy your stays at home. A number of our suppliers have their office staff and account managers working from home where ever possible to minimise contact with other persons and I assume the same may apply to some of our customers.

As a result, less people are coming to our store, but our online presence is still active and strong. For those that actually come to us, we have taken extra measures to maintain a high level of hygeine. Disinfectant and hand sanitiser is now located on the front counters for all to use and we have increased cleaning schedules around the store. We are very serious about the level of hygeine that is needed. We are still open and trading as normal for now, so you are welcome to come instore for an audition or to to pick up that bit of gear you've been longing for. 

Until Scomo re-asses the situation and all our movements are restricted you are welcome to visit our store. Stay safe and keep well.

John Chillari
Managing Director