MARANTZ NR1509 Home Theater Receiver

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MARANTZ NR1509 Home Theater Receiver

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Warranty Period: 2 years (3 with registration) Sold as: 1 Unit


Marantz NR1509 Slim 5.2 Channel AV Receiver with HEOS


With a slim profile that never sacrifices performance for looks, the Marantz NR1509 AVR delivers 5.2 channels and high-resolution surround sound from Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. With 6 HDMI inputs — including one on the front panel — the NR1509 is fully compatible with the latest 4K Ultra HD video specifications, including 60 Hz full rate content, 4:4:4 Pure Color sub-sampling, BT.2020, HDR and Dolby Vision. The NR1509 features a power amplifier section with high-current discrete transistors to support high-resolution audio. Enjoy your favourite music services via Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2 or the HEOS app. Control NR1509 with your voice and Amazon Alexa — download the HEOS Home Entertainment skill and ask Alexa to play, pause or stop music, switch inputs for your different media players, turn up the volume and more.


Powerful, Slim Five-channel Discrete Amplifier


Featuring a high-current discrete power amplifier section, you get exceptional sound for movies and music with identical power on all five channels (85W per channel) with low-impedance drive capability for superb speaker control. Supports surround formats like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio for an immersive home theater experience. Slim profile is half the height of a traditional AVR, while delivering the dynamic sound quality that defines Marantz excellence.


Latest HDMI Connectivity


Includes six HDMI inputs — with one HDMI input on the front panel for quick connection — each one supporting HDCP 2.2, 4K Ultra HD 60Hz video, 4:4:4 Pure Color sub-sampling, Dolby Vision, HLG, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and 21:9 video, 3D and BT.2020 pass-through.


HEOS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and AirPlay 2 Capability


Dual antenna system lets you stream the most popular music services via Bluetooth, AirPlay 2 or the HEOS app. Listen to your playlists on Spotify, TuneIn, Deezer and more.


HEOS Multi-room Streaming


Built-in HEOS technology lets you enjoy your favourite music in any room of your home for a wireless, whole-home audio experience. Play the same song in every room, or select a different song for each connected room — the choice is yours. Enjoy music from Spotify, TuneIn, Sound Cloud, Tidal, Napster, Deezer or your local music file libraries. With additional HEOS components, like HEOS-capable speakers, play all your music in one room or many.


Amazon Alexa Voice Control


Enjoy hands-free control with Amazon Alexa and your voice. Adjust the volume, skip to the next track, switch inputs for your media players and more — “Just Ask.” Download the HEOS Home Entertainment Skill to enable Amazon Alexa voice commands for NR1509, HEOS devices and other select Marantz products.


High-resolution Audio Support


Ability to decode high-resolution audio ALAC, FLAC and WAV lossless files up to 24-bit/192-kHz, as well as DSD 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz tracks (the audiophile format of SACD) lets you enjoy music exactly as the artist intended. Listen to your music via the front panel USB port or over network sources.


Integrated Phono Input


Easily connect your analog turntable to the receiver and enjoy the pure intent of each recording within your vinyl collection.


Marantz 2016 AVR Remote


The Marantz 2016 AVR Remote app for iOS and Android gives you complete control over the latest Marantz network AV receivers. Use it to power on/off, adjust volume, input and settings, or switch instantly to the HEOS app.


Audyssey MultEQ for Simple Set-up and Room Calibration


Optimize your audio experience with Audyssey MultEQ, Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ for a seamless setup of your listening environment.

With the supplied measurement microphone, MultEQ analyzes each speaker's output (including the subwoofer) and generates precision digital filters that optimize each channel for the correct frequency and time domain response. Use Audyssey Dynamic EQ to deliver clear dialogue and wide-band response even at reduced volume levels, or Audyssey Dynamic Volume to avoid shocks and normalize volume when content switches between commercials, announcements and TV programs. The MultEQ Editor app (available for purchase) allows you to customize the sound more precisely to the specific problems in your room and tailor the sound to your personal preferences.


Dual Subwoofer Outputs


Supports dual subwoofers for even, low-frequency bass response within your listening environment. Enjoy accurate bass with no audible peaks or dips no matter where you place your subwoofer.


Smart TV Connectivity


Easily control the receiver with your Smart TV remote via the HDMI CEC functionality associated with your Smart TV. Simply set “HDMI Control” to ON in your receiver, then set “Smart Menu” to ON and begin controlling the NR1509 with your TV remote. The Smart Menu home screen gives you quick access to source and surround mode selections, the AVR's setup menu and four Smart Selects.


Simple Smart Select Functions


Four Smart Select function buttons on the included remote control store your preferred setup — including input, volume and Audyssey configuration — for particular sources. With the push of a button, the receiver perfectly configures for any source, from Blu-ray to TV set-top box, to your favourite Internet radio station and more.


More than 60 Years of Audiophile Heritage

Founded in 1953, Marantz has a long and rich history of designing audio components embraced by music lovers and critical listeners around the world. Because Music Matters, the NR1509 carries on our long tradition of delivering a best-in-class listening experience for music and cinema.


  • Now available – control with Amazon Alexa voice commands.

  • Slim profile that’s half the height of a traditional AVR delivers exceptional performance and sound quality
  • 5-channel discrete power amplifier, 85W per channel
  • 6 HDMI inputs — including one input on the front panel — with full HDCP 2.2 support
  • 4K/60 Hz full-rate pass-through, 4:4:4 color resolution, HDR and BT.2020, plus Dolby Vision compatibility and Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG)
  • Supports surround formats like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio
  • Ability to decode high-resolution audio ALAC, FLAC and WAV lossless files up to 24-bit/192-kHz — plus, DSD 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz tracks let you enjoy music exactly as the artist intended
  • Built-in HEOS wireless multi-room audio technology
  • Amazon Alexa voice control via the HEOS Home Entertainment skill

  • Stream the most popular music services — like Spotify, Amazon Music, TuneIn, Deezer and many others — via Bluetooth, AirPlay 2 or the HEOS app
  • Integrated Phono input to directly connect your turntable

  • Optimize your audio experience with Audyssey MultEQ, Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ for a seamless setup within your listening environment
  • Setup assistant, advanced GUI and Marantz 2016 AVR remote app for an easy out-of-box experience
  • Built-in Wi-Fi with 2.4GHz/5GHz dual band support (dual antenna)
  • Now available – Apple AirPlay 2



Multichannel Surround

  • DTS HD Master
  • Dolby TrueHD
  • Dolby ProLogic II
  • Multichannel Stereo
  • 5.1 Channels Processing

Sound Enhancements

  • 5 Discrete Power Amplifiers
  • EI Power Transformer
  • Pure Direct Mode
  • Audyssey
    • MultEQ
    • Dynamic EQ
    • Dynamic Volume
  • MDAX2 Compressed Audio Enhancer


  • Heos Multiroom and Streaming
  • Lossy Format Support
    • MP3
    • WMA
    • AAC
  • Lossless Format Support
    • FLAC 24/192
    • WAV 24/192
    • ALAC 24/192
    • DSD128 (5.6MHz)
  • Gapless Playback
    • FLAC
    • ALAC
    • AIFF
    • WAV
    • DSD
  • Airplay Audio Streaming
  • Airplay 2 via update
  • Internet Radio via TuneIn
  • Streaming Services
    • Spotify Connect
    • Deezer
    • Tidal
    • SoundCloud
    • Others
  • Control APP for Android, iOS, and Amazon Kindle
  • Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth


  • 5 Rear Inputs
  • 1 Front Input
  • HDCP2.2 Support
  • 1 Rear Output (Main Zone)
  • GUI Overlay on HDMI
  • 3D Supported
  • 4K Supported
  • CEC Supported
  • ARC Supported
  • Dolby Vision Supported
  • HLG Supported
  • 4K Signal Pass Through
  • HDMI Pass Through in Standby
  • Auto LipSync

Multiroom / CI

  • HEOS Multiroom Integrated
  • TV Sound Grouping
  • Web Browser User Interface
  • Smart Remote Management
  • IP Control
  • APP Control
  • Marantz Remote Bus


  • Voice Control - Works with Amazon Alexa (update)
  • Audyssey MultEQ Speaker setup by microphone
  • 1 Line FL Display
  • Hybrid GUI in 9 Languages
  • Setup Assistant
  • Smart Select
  • Firmware Update by network or USB
  • Variable Crossover
  • Optimized Bass Redirection
  • ECO Mode
  • Auto Power Off
  • Sleep Timer

Inputs / Outputs

  • Composite
    • 3 Rear Inputs
    • 1 Rear Output
  • HDMI
    • 5 Rear Inputs
    • 1 Front Input
    • 1 Rear Output
  • Analogue
    • 3 Rear RCA Inputs
    • 1 MM Phono Input
  • Digital
    • 1 Rear Coaxial Input
    • 1 Rear Optical TOSLink Input
  • 2.2 channel Pre-Out (Front Left, Front Right, Sub 1, Sub 2)
  • 5 Pairs Screw Type Speaker Terminals
  • Front Panel USB Socket
  • FM Tuner with RDS


  • 5 Power Amplifiers
  • Power Output
    • 50W (8 Ohm, 20Hz-20kHz, 0.08%, 2ch Drive)
    • 60W (6 Ohm, 1kHz, 0.7%, 2ch Drive)
    • 85W (6 Ohm, 1kHz, 1%, 1ch Drive)
  • 70% Guarantee


  • Available in Black
  • RC040SR System Remote Control
  • 180W PEAK Power Consumption
  • 25W Idle Power Consumption ECO On
  • 35W Idle Power Consumption ECO Off
  • 0.1W Standby Power Consumption
  • 0.5W CEC Standby Power Consumption
  • 3.5W Network Control Standby Power Consumption
  • Maximum Dimensions
    • 440mm W x 376mm D x 105mm H Antenna Horizontal
    • 440mm W x 376mm D x 173mm H Antenna Vertical
  • 8.2kg