KEF MUO Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Sunset Orange

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KEF MUO Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Sunset Orange

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Warranty Period: 1 year Sold as: Single Unit


State-of-the-art Wireless KEF Sound

​Designed by Ross Lovegrove and engineered by KEF, MUO is packed with innovative technologies to deliver uncompromised KEF quality sound when you’re streaming music wirelessly from a computer or mobile device. It packs a punch out of all proportion to its size.

Pure KEF sound streamed wireless via Bluetooth aptX®

​ Thanks to a clever new compact version of KEF's legendary Uni-Q 'point source' driver array and a powerful new bass radiator, the MUO fills the room with stunningly accurate sound whose HF definition and LF extension far exceed the limits of ordinary portable speakers.

Along with the sophisticated digital-to-analogue converter and other high order internal components, these innovative drivers are mounted within an immensely rigid inner moulding encased in an acoustically inert aluminium shell. Streaming your tracks via Bluetooth aptX, you’ll be astonished by the sweet, natural treble, fluid midrange and clean, tightly controlled bass.

Smart versatility & convenience

​ Synchronise a pair of MUO speakers for superb CD-like quality stereo reproduction or select 'dual-connect' party mode for large gatherings, so that everybody experiences the same superlative full-range response. Smarter still, MUO automatically optimises its output to suit upright or horizontal positioning, so you always enjoy the same remarkable acoustic depth and definition.

With most Android mobile devices, you can also benefit from the NFC 'tap-to-pair' function - just hold the device against MUO and they're paired ready to stream your music in seconds. When not streaming your music wirelessly, connecting to any computer or mobile device via the 3.5mm Aux input is equally simple. MUO has a rechargeable battery with up to 12 hours of play time, and switches itself off automatically when not in use to prolong battery life.



Miniaturised Uni-Q®

MUO features an ingenious miniature version of KEF's greatest innovation - the Uni-Q driver array. Continuously refined over nearly three decades, this acclaimed technology delivers an astonishingly wide soundstage that fills a room with full-bodied, stunningly clear sound, and reproduces the higher registers with pinpoint accuracy.

"Sit-Anywhere" Uni-Q® Sound

KEF's legendary Uni-Q point source driver arrays are used in most of our products, right up to our flagship MUON, BLADE and THE REFERENCE. Uni-Q gives a wide sound dispersion with continuous and consistent sound quality. By using the same sophisticated FEA modelling techniques, our engineers have developed an ingenious miniature Uni-Q. The central tweeter dome is decoupled from the outer cone by a flexible membrane, and the whole diaphragm is free to pump out midrange frequencies as powerfully as a conventional driver, while allowing the tweeter dome to move independently. As a result, it can reproduce the higher registers with great accuracy. The MF cone is profiled to act as a waveguide for the tweeter, further widening the dispersion to fill the room with full-bodied, stunningly clear sound.'

Minimal Sound Interference

The MUO's drive units which flank the central passive bass radiator, are configured to only give treble output from the right hand unit as you face the MUO placed horizontally. This reduces interference to achieve a more non-directional and room-filling sound. Below are diagrams which show the directional sound limitation of a typical compact stereo speaker versus the KEF MUO.

Stereo mode

You can synchronise a pair of MUO speakers to stream superb CD-like quality stereo sound wirelessly via Bluetooth aptX.

Party mode

For larger gatherings and parties, you simply select the ‘dual-connect’ mode that allows both speakers to replicate the same full-range response, so that everybody gets the full benefit of the music you’re playing.



Drive Units 2 x 50mm (2.0in.) Miniature Uni-Q driver
1 x Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR)
Inputs Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX® codec
3.5mm AUX
Micro USB – charging and firmware update
Bluetooth range 10m
Bluetooth capacity 2 devices
Bluetooth memory 8 devices
Power Input 5V D.C. 2A
Battery type Li-ion rechargeable battery
Battery charging time 3 hours to fully charge
Battery life 12 hours playback time
Dimensions (H x W x D): 80 x 210 x 60 mm (3.1 x 8.3 x 2.3 in.)
Weight 0.8kg (1.8 lbs.)
Unit measurement Piece
APP KEF MUO (Android 4.0 or later)
Document Download MUO Quick Start Guide
MUO Product Information
Remarks KEF reserves the right, in line with continuing research and development, to amend or change specifications. E&OE.



"A true highlight in its class. KEF MUO – a portable high-end speaker."

Year: 2015
Issuing Body: HIFI TEST
Country: Germany
Product: KEF MUO


"KEF's hi-fi pedigree ensures that the compact MUO sounds as good as it looks."

Year: 2015
Issuing Body: Mac Format
Country: United Kingdom
Product: KEF MUO


"KEF brings a touch of luxury to the portable speaker market with this excellent Bluetooth speaker." (Visit the What Hi-Fi? site for full review)

Year: 2015
Issuing Body: What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision
Country: United Kingdom
Product: KEF MUO


"The KEF MUO is our new reference in the category of portable Bluetooth Speakers. Excellent design, smart and sophisticated driver technology and flawless build quality are the foundation for an impressive listening experience. It also can be used flexibly, has a neat App to control it and comes at a truly great price." (Visit the for full review)

Year: 2015
Issuing Body:
Country: Germany
Product: KEF MUO


"Stunning build quality and compact enough to be truly portable. But it’s the sound that really grooves."

"This is one of the very best portable speakers right now, and well worth the money if joy of ownership and sound quality is what matters the most." (Visit the Lyd & Bilde site for full review)

Year: 2015
Issuing Body: Lyd & Bilde
Country: Norway
Product: KEF MUO

STUFF - Winner, Best Bluetooth Speakers, Group Test 2015

"Premium in sound and design - portable Bluetooth at its very best". KEF MUO, Stuff, October 2015" (Visit STUFF site for full review)

Year: 2015
Issuing Body: STUFF
Country: United Kingdom
Product: KEF MUO


"The MUO's performance is defined by clarity, tight timing and wide dynamics. Insight and panache is immediately apparent - an impression that never wavers..." (Visit the What Hi-Fi? site for full review)

Year: 2015
Issuing Body: What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision
Country: United Kingdom
Product: KEF MUO