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BOWERS AND WILKINS Zeppelin Wireless Airplay/Bluetooth Speaker - Black. CLEARANCE
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BOWERS AND WILKINS Zeppelin Wireless Airplay/Bluetooth Speaker - Black. CLEARANCE BOWERS AND WILKINS Zeppelin Wireless Airplay/Bluetooth Speaker - Black. CLEARANCE BOWERS AND WILKINS Zeppelin Wireless Airplay/Bluetooth Speaker - Black. CLEARANCE

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BOWERS AND WILKINS Zeppelin Wireless Airplay/Bluetooth Speaker - Black. CLEARANCE

Zeppelin Wireless merges state-of-the-art technology with seamless wireless connectivity to bring a new standard of sound into your home.

Special Price $699.00 Regular Price $899.00

Zeppelin Wireless was much more than simply the third generation of Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin music systems. It is the first to lose the traditional iPod/iPhone dock. It is the first to feature Bluetooth® and Spotify® Connect connectivity, also making it the first to offer its services to uses of non-Apple mobile devices. It is also the first to come in a choice of colours, with the sumptuous new White version. But, and this is possibly the most important part, it is also without doubt the best-sounding Zeppelin product by some considerable margin.

We talked to Development Engineer Tom O’Brien, and asked him how you would go about updating a product as successful as Zeppelin Air, which itself was a massive leap forward in terms of acoustics and connectivity when compared to the original, iconic Zeppelin.

“Some decisions were easy,” Tom told us. “We knew we wanted to remove the dock because it just reflected the way things were going in the portable world. We also knew that we wanted to open up the product to non-Apple owners so we set about about introducing new ways to use the product that opened it up more. Hence Bluetooth AptX and Spotify Connect.”

So much for the connectivity, but what about the acoustic performance? Tom says that he was told many times that customers never complained about the sound quality of the Zeppelin Air, but he couldn’t help but improve the performance.

“That’s what we do! I can’t stop myself, I suppose. I can’t imagine a world where we wouldn’t try to make a product sound as good as we possibly can within the limits of what we have to work with.”

The first element of the acoustics that was addressed by Tom and his team was bass performance. “We felt we could do more to improve its integration and make the product easier to live with wherever you installed it,” he told us. “Removing the rear ports has helped significantly with flexibility because it means we have fewer problems with proximity to the boundary – a bookshelf, a corner, on a wall bracket – than we did before. Obviously removing the ports leads to other issues though, and we significantly changed the cabinet to counteract the potential downsides.”

For starters, Zeppelin Wireless’ cabinet is significantly more rigid than previous incarnations, and is constructed from a stiffer single layer of skin. This also provided the team with more internal volume to work with – a major factor when it comes to producing better bass.

“We have a 50% increase in internal volume.” Tom says. “And we’ve coupled that to a bigger, COMSOL-modelled and heavily redesigned bass driver. It’s much more linear than the old one and it has a single, cleanly identified break-up mode that we can deal with via a first-order filter, handled via DSP. We’ve ended up with more overall bass sensitivity than the older model.”

The Zeppelin Wireless project also utilised the same recent advances in computer modelling that were a major feature of the 800 Series Diamond development project, in particular increased used of the COMSOL computer modelling application.

“With the midrange driver we wanted to use the FST TM (Fixed Suspension Transducer) technology that appears on many of our core loudspeakers because it’s more transparent, cleaner and more free of the box than a regular driver. FST units are also more sensitive so it gives a welcome sense of immediacy to the midrange. Much the same applies to Zeppelin Wireless’ twin high-frequency units, which use the new Double Dome tweeters, as used in our CM S2 loudspeakers.”

The result needs to be heard to be believed, and Zeppelin Wireless outperforms Zeppelin air in all areas. But as someone who has been pivotal in the development of all three generations of Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin products, we will leave the last word to Tom.

“When we went from the Zeppelin to Zeppelin Air it felt like a massive leap forward. We’d improved so many aspects of it that at first we felt that maybe we’d never be able to do that much better again with the new model because of the costs involved and the retail price we wanted to aim for. But with Zeppelin Wireless I really feel it’s a bigger leap over the Zeppelin Air than the Air was over the original. The product feels even more ‘grown up’ now. I think it’s really a dramatic change. The level of resolution and the information retrieval is just exceptional.”

Your Music, Your Choice. Apple AirPlay for iOS and iTunes Spotify Connect for Spotify Users across ANY device.

Zeppelin Wireless connects seamlessly with all of your favourite devices, apps and streaming services. Hear your entire music collection like never before.



Apple AirPlay allows you to stream seamlessly from iTunes, iPhone or iPad.



Connect Spotify directly to your Zeppelin Wireless and experience your playlists in true high-fidelity sound. Quick, simple and reliable.



Bluetooth aptX Makes familiar sounds New Again. Control App Easy Set-Up

Stream music from your Bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet or computer, and thanks to built-in aptX technology your music sounds the way it was originally intended to be heard.



Our app for iOS, OS X and Windows lets you set up, control and manage your Zeppelin Wireless with ease.



With the app's step-by-step guide, you'll be connected to your wireless network and ready to play music within minutes.



Firmware Updates  
Remote Control

With direct-to-speaker firmware updates, your Zeppelin Wireless will always be up to date and ready to perform.






The Control App doubles up as a remote, so you can always see and control what's playing on your Zeppelin Wireless, even if someone else is streaming.

Description Wireless Music System
Technical features  Apple® AirPlay® technology
  Bluetooth® v4.1, Class 2
  Spotify® Connect
  Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  Digital amplifier
Drive units 2x 25mm (1.0 in) double dome tweeter
  2x 90mm (3.5 in) FSTTM midrange
  1x 165mm (6.5 in) subwoofer
Frequency response 44Hz to 28kHz
Amplifier power output 2x 25W (tweeter)
  2x 25W (midrange)
  1x 50W (subwoofer)
Input voltage 100V – 240V – 50/60Hz
Power consumption:  
Sleep (network standby) Below 1.50 Watts
Standby Below 0.30 Watts
Inputs Network (RJ45 Ethernet or Wi-Fi)
  Auxiliary – analogue (3.5mm mini jack)
  USB – service only
Height 188mm (7.4 in)
Width 660mm (26 in)
Depth 183mm (7.2 in)
Weight 6.5kg
AirPlay compatibility iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch® with iOS 4.3.3 or later, Mac® with OS
X Mountain Lion or later, and PC with iTunes® 10.2.2 or later.
Bluetooth Codecs aptX Standard latency, ACC, SBC