Bose noise-masking sleepbuds

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Bose noise-masking sleepbuds

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Warranty Period: 1 year Sold as: 1 Pair, 1 Charging Case

Regular Price: $379.00

Special Price $333.00




Sleep. Finally.

We’ve all been there. Those nights when you just can’t sleep because annoying sounds—like snoring, traffic and loud neighbours—are keeping you awake. So we decided to do something about it—by creating sleepbuds with built-in noise masking technology. Designed for comfort, these tiny, truly wireless sleepbuds deliver uniquely engineered sounds that mask unwanted noise and lull you to sleep. So you can wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.


A better solution for unwanted noise

Instead of streaming music, Bose sleepbuds deliver soothing sounds that mask unwanted noises at night. And while we’re the first to champion the use of active noise reduction, we’ve discovered that, when it comes to sleep, noise masking technology is a better solution for the range of sounds that keep you awake—especially voice-based frequencies. So, all you’ll hear is a soothing sound that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.

For many, Bose is synonymous with active noise reduction (ANR). Our Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology is found in many of our world-class headphones, like QuietComfort 35 headphones II and QuietControl 30 wireless headphones. However, even when combined with the way earbuds or headphones passively seal off sound from your ear, ANR can’t make unwanted sounds, particularly at voice frequencies, completely inaudible (like your partner snoring right in your ear). So we’ve created a new solution using noise masking, which works because of the way different sound frequencies combine in your inner ears. If the different sounds have the right match of frequencies, and the masking sound is just slightly louder than the disturbing sound, your inner ear and brain cannot detect the disturbing sound. It fades from your memory as you drift off to sleep.

Can you add your own sounds or stream music to achieve the same effect? No, but there’s a reason for that. First, streaming audio demands a bigger battery, which means we would need to create much bigger sleepbuds—not a great option when it comes to comfort. Instead, we store the sound files in the sleepbud, which dramatically extends the battery life. The result? Sleepbuds built for all night comfort and performance. Plus, we’re confident in our technology focus on optimising the masking and/or relaxation experience. Try them—we’re sure you’ll agree. And we’ll be adding more soothing sounds with future software updates.


One app for better rest

Getting to sleep is hard enough. So we’ve designed the Bose Sleep app to make it easy to set up and customise your sleep settings. Just download the app, select a soothing sound, choose your volume level and determine how long you want to use your sleepbuds during the night. Use the same settings every night, or experiment with different options to find what works for you.


Sleep has never sounded so good

Enjoy the rhythm of rolling waves crashing on a beach. Let yourself be lulled by the gentle rustle of leaves. Feel the crackling comfort of a campfire and the evening serenade of crickets. Choose one of 10 pre-loaded soothing sounds that have been selected and tested to deliver the most effective noise masking and relaxing experience. And because we’re always working on giving you the best possible experience, more soothing sounds will be available through future software updates.

Comfy and cosy

No two ears are alike. So, to fit most ear sizes and shapes, and to accommodate side-sleepers, we took scores of three-dimensional scans of ear geometry and used them to create a tiny earbud nodule that’s barely larger than a pea. The sleepbuds™ come with three sizes (S/M/L) of StayHear+ Sleep tips and are designed with a pliable fin that conforms to the upper ridge of your ear. So go ahead and snuggle into your pillow. Curl up on your side. Or stretch out and hog all the covers. Your sleepbuds™ will fit comfortably and snugly in your ear all night long.


Much more than a case

This combination storage and charging case protects and recharges your sleepbuds™ while not in use. It’s magnetised, so it keeps your earbuds in place while they charge. And when unplugged, the case also delivers one additional full charge—perfect for when you’re on the go.

Our goal?
Your best night of sleep ever.

We need sleep to feel good, be healthy and reach our full potential. Yet more and more people are struggling to get the bare minimum requirements of rest. So we’ve combined our knowledge of sound, our expertise in noise management, our ability to make small electronics and our know-how in designing comfortable earbuds to help you take back the sleep you deserve.


“I really believe that, with this solution to this really massive problem … we’re going to change millions of people’s lives. It’s that simple.”

Brian Mulcahey




of adults worldwide have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up.


of adults get fewer than 7 hours of sleep each night. 30% get fewer than 6 hours.


of couples in the U.S. sleep in different rooms, most often due to a snoring partner.



“There’s a whole host of things that prevent people from falling asleep or even staying asleep. What we really focus on is how noise impacts your ability to fall or stay asleep.”

Liz Dylewicz





Bose sleepbuds™ are designed to help you sleep. Instead of streaming music, they deliver soothing sounds that cover up unwanted noise and help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Choose from ten pre-loaded soothing sounds, some optimised for masking and others for relaxation.





The tiny earbud nodule and soft StayHear+ Sleep tips (in three sizes, S/M/L) are designed with side-sleepers and people who toss and turn in mind. They fit comfortably and snugly in your ear for a good night’s rest.





The rechargeable silver-zinc micro batteries provide up to 16 hours of use on one charge.





Truly wireless sleepbuds™ with no cables in your way, so you can move freely throughout the night.





The included charging case is a convenient place to store and protect your sleepbuds™ when they’re not in use. The case also provides one additional full charge when unplugged—perfect for travel.





Using the Bose Sleep app, you can set wake-up alarms that only you can hear, so you won’t disturb the person sleeping next to you.







2.38 x 2.69 x 1.42 cm (HxWxD) (2.3 g each)



2.70 x 7.70 x 7.70 cm (HxWxD) (111.41 g)


Additional details


Rechargeable silver-zinc batteries


Charging time

Up to 8 hours for sleepbuds

Battery life

Up to 16 hours per full charge

Charging Case

Up to 3 hours charging time



    Bose noise-masking sleepbuds™
    Charging/storage case
    3 pairs of StayHear+ Sleep tips (S/M/L)
    Wall charger
    USB cable
    Drawstring travel pouch