SOUNDCAST VGTX Bluetooth Transmitter
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SOUNDCAST VGTX Bluetooth Transmitter

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MontAudio Aoraki M3 Headphone Stand

MontAudio Aoraki M3 Headphone Stand

SOUNDCAST VGTX Bluetooth Transmitter

Enhance your home entertainment center with wireless sound.


Marking the first accessory Soundcast has released since the Bluecast, which enabled Bluetooth capability to their legacy products the Outcast and Outcast Junior, the VGtx is also in the Bluetooth space. The long-range transmitter enables speakers to extend beyond the standard 30 meters and increases to 50 meter transmission.  The VGtx is accessible through a 3.5mm aux input.

On Wednesday, the 28th of February 2018, Advance Audio Australia invited us to attend a SoundCast product launch event in crows nest. Their new range of speakers were definetily something that would upset the market. But the new product that took our attention was the new VGTX Bluetooth transmitter. Speakers are exciting and all, but there is always a market for a problem solver.

There are bluetooth transmitters on the market for less, but many don't offer analog AND digital inputs, as well as a digital passthrough, while also lacking range. The VGTX has a minijack input, Optical input, and Optical output, as well as being able to transmit up to 50m away. But the cherry on top is the fast response time. Low latency. As part of the latest bluetooth specifications, it includes lossless low latency broadcasting, the sound you hear will barely be out of sync of what you see on your tv.

Lets talk about the actual uses for it. Examples etc.

Wireless headphones for televisions have always been very specific. You can't really use bluetooth headphones with most TV models (even the ones that have bluetooth built in, which is usually for control purposes). Wireless headphones for TV's would normally be provided by Sennheiser, AKG etc, and you would only be able to use it with your TV... But it is 2018. Bluetooth headphones are everywhere. Just about every headphone manufacturer has a bluetooth headset now which you can use on the go, at home, whatever. This little device connects to your television via optical Toslink, and allows you to use the bluetooth headphones you already have.

Second. Bluetooth speakers. TV speakers suck... They cannot fit a decent sized speaker/amplifier/etc into the 6mm thick panels they make these days. A few companies provide a soundbar on their premium models, but lets say you have a television that doesn't have even remotely nice sound. Use the VGTX to transmit to a speaker such as the Soundcast VG5, and suddenly, your TV actually can sound good.

Third. Having sound from the TV elsewhere. Lets say you have your living room adjacent to your patio. It is a blisteringly hot summer day and you have the AC running and need the glass doors closed. You have mates over for a BBQ out the back. But the footy is on. Do you open the door so you can hear the TV, while wasting all the effort of the air conditioner? Or do you take your bluetooth speaker out the back, pair it with the VGTX, and keep inside cold while you cook up some snags through the game?


The VGtx allows you to upgrade your home entertainment without sacrificing style. Its sleek design fits seamlessly into your existing home technology, blending into the black or tucking neatly behind paired speakers.


TOSLINK throughput allows for the highest fidelity communications, so you enjoy your shows with absolutely zero lag.


VGtx + Antenna
3ft 3.5mm to 3.5mm

Analog Audio Cable
3ft TOSLINK Optical

Digital Audio Cable
USB Power Supply
Micro USB charging Cable
Clip adapters (UK, EU, AU)
User Guide