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Regular Price: $299.00

Special Price $251.16




DAC 1 - NAD Wireless DAC


It’s simple. It’s fun! Your old outdated hi-fi can jump right into the world of computer music. A veritable feast of convenient options for listening to music now exists on the World Wide Web. From the worlds’ great FM radio stations, now on the internet, to “cloud services” like Spotify and MOG that offer better sound quality and more control over your music choices. Imagine: Jazz from Paris, news from London, Hip Hop from Detroit and Rock from New York and Los Angeles. NAD’s two-piece DAC 1 is a super simple way to listen to any music stored on - or streamed to - your PC or Mac. This point-to-point wireless technology features the full audio bandwidth and remains uncompressed for the best possible sound quality.


Just insert the DAC 1 Transmitter Module into the USB port on your computer. Now, in effect, the NAD DAC 1 is the sound card for your computer, and anything you can hear on your PC is digitally transmitted to your hi-fi! To enhance your experience there are several smartphone apps available to remotely operate your PC or Mac and deliver the rich user interface of the computer right to your fingertips. Imagine your computer can reside in the office, while you are both controlling and listening to the computer music wirelessly in your living room.


The DAC 1 Transmitter bypasses all the analogue circuitry in your PC and transmits directly to the DAC 1 Receiver connected to your hi-fi system, using the native digital format for the best possible sound. Once received at the DAC 1 Receiver, the digital signal is converted and sent as an analog signal to your stereo amplifier. There is also a coax digital output that allows downstream digital processing. Analogue conversion uses premium BurrBrown OPAmps and 24/192 DACs with selected passive components in a proprietary circuit. This attention to detail is unusual at the price and is the reason for NAD’s incredibly musical sound.


The DAC 1 Wireless USB Digital-to-Analogue Converter brings a whole new world of musical experience and choice to your hi-fi experience. It may be the best money you have ever spent! Step into the 21st Century listening experience: just add NAD’s DAC 1 to your component stereo system and enjoy!



Product Faqs

  • What can I plug into my DAC?

    DAC's will usually have a number of inputs. Coaxial and Toslink Optical are the most common, while USB is still also very common.

    The Optical and Coaxial connections can have a CD player, network streamer, television, dvd/blu-ray disc player, game console, and some computers.

    The USB input can handle pretty much any kind of computer, or a phone with the appropriate adapter (OTG for android, Camera Connect Kit for iOS devices).

  • What is a DAC?

    Every digital device with an analog output has a Digital to Analog Converter of some kind. In the case of phones, televisions, and computers, they are usually stuck on as an afterthought, or just to do the job of creating analog sound to be amplified and played through speakers.

    Having a standalone DAC is a worthwhile investment in any modern Hi-Fi system, essentially all the circuitry involved in creating that signal you can hear from the 1's and 0's is housed in its own box, with usually a much better design than what you would find in your television or computer.

    A DAC can be useful to connect digital devices to an analog amplifier if the amplifier doesn't have digital inputs. Or if you are after a cleaner, more refined sound.

    Things to listen for in higher quality DAC's are separation of sounds (how well you can hear a single voice or instrument in the mix of all the others), "textures" of sounds (raspyness of a bow being drawn across the strings of a double bass), or the clarity of echo's and quiet noises among loud instruments.