THOR PS10 Smart PowerStation
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THOR PS10 Smart PowerStation THOR PS10 Smart PowerStation Thor PS10 Power Conditioning pure sine wave filtered protection. Product video. THOR PS10 Smart PowerStation THOR PS10 Smart PowerStation THOR PS10 Smart PowerStation

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PROJECT Phono Box E Pre Amplifier

PROJECT Phono Box E Pre Amplifier

THOR PS10 Smart PowerStation

On top of the pristine power produced by the Smart Station we have included our State of the Art, 8 outlet, Smart Board (pat pending). When attached to the Smart Power Station it delivers DOUBLE the protection and DOUBLE the filtration, incorporating our Dynamic Active Tracking Technology. In addition to this there are 3 isolated banks on the Smart Board ensuring there is no “cross talk” or interference between components connected after the Smart Station. Add the 5 separate earth lines which is a hum/loop reducing feature and performance enhancement is almost a given.

Special Price $1,799.00 Regular Price $2,399.95

On top of the pristine power produced by the Smart Station we have included our State of the Art, 8 outlet, Smart Board (pat pending). When attached to the Smart Power Station it delivers DOUBLE the protection and DOUBLE the filtration, incorporating our Dynamic Active Tracking Technology. In addition to this there are 3 isolated banks on the Smart Board ensuring there is no “cross talk” or interference between components connected after the Smart Station. Add the 5 separate earth lines which is a hum/loop reducing feature and performance enhancement is almost a given.

This configuration can be argued as being the best combination available for providing pure and precise 240 (or 220) volts to your valuable electrical equipment. Equipment that was designed to run on 240 (or 220) volt power ensuring you get maximum performance and enjoyment for many years. When it comes to minimising risk, we make no wild or glossy promises. Our products do what they say they do - it is that simple!

New layer...
New layer...
New layer...

  • NEW customised front facia and blue LCD screen
  • Double Filtration And Double Protection
    Combination Equals Total Power Management
  • Pure Unpolluted 240V Sinewave Power 24/7
  • Soft Start - Gentle Power Build Up
  • Whisper Quiet Servo Motor For Voltage Calibration
  • Microprocessor Controls
  • Dual Led Display Indicating Incoming Power And Output Power
  • 10 Other Led Alerts Showing Various Power Changes Instantly
  • Frontline Filtering And Surge Protection Through Power Station
  • Double Filter Trap And Double Voltage Protection Through Custom 8 Way Smart Board
  • Incorporating Dynamic Active Tracking Filtering Technology
  • 3 In 1 Isolation
  • 8 Outlets
  • Data & Aerial Protection
  • Cable TV Adaptor
  • Fibre Optic & Broadband Compatible
Supply Voltage 240/Vac 50Hz
Maximum Current Rating 10amps/2400 W (Va)
Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Operating Voltage 180v - 260v
Incoming Voltage out of designed range (i.e. 180v - 260v) if input was 270v then output would be approx 250v to 255v
Incoming Voltage out of designed range (i.e. 180v - 260v) if input voltage was 140v then output would be approx 230v - 235v
Safety Approval No. RCM 5287
Model No PS10 2013
Double Filtration and Protection Management A12 Smart Board included

Thor service after warranty - PS10

Brisbane — Queensland

....At about 2004 after buying a lot of expensive electronic equipment in Australia I again looked for something that could provide clean filtered and proper sine wave power. To my amazement the only suitable equipment that I could find in Australia also had features that I couldn't find anywhere else in the world. Thor Technologies of Western Australia offered a Power station 10 that could reduce overvoltage down to the required 240Volts and under voltage back up to the required 240 Volts.  In addition the servo actuator makes a sound that tells you when the power is fluctuating and if it doesn’t return to within set parameters within a reasonable time (milliseconds) it will trip your circuit breaker or RCD.  After having our service wires into our House changed by the local electrical authority we started to experience bad fluctuations which tripped the RCD sometimes three times a night.

We ended up so frustrated that we got Thor involved.  They advised that initially we should accept the electrical authorities wishes and add more RCD’s as the standard one RCD might be degraded after 8 years.  At great expense we added 4 more RCD’s to find that nothing changed.  We then after 8 months of more painful re-setting of RCD’s tried the equipment on a different circuit and nothing changed.  Thor then came to the party even though our PS10 was many years out of warranty and even helped with the freight one way.  More importantly they also lent us a brand new PS10 while our unit went to their testing facility.  Our unit was tested even above normal test voltages but never tripped a circuit breakers or RCD in their laboratory.  In a further incredible gesture of kindness they free of charge changed any components that might be thought to have worn or degraded over time (although none had) and they reset our unit to the slightly less sensitive specification now used with all the latest units.

So what happened.  The unit came back and if anything the fluctuations got worse.  After again paying overly expensive electricians to test everything in our House including our Refrigerator we again had to endure many more trips to reset the RCD in the outside house Power Board.  Finally the local power authority advised us that when the service lines were changed they had moved our power from phase B to Phase A.  And they would move it back.  And Guess what, the minute they did, despite up to that point blaming something in our house, the problem went completely away.

The point is though, that I have owned Import and Export companies and done business all over the World and I have never had the level of service, care, attitude, response and level of taking responsibility financially where the responsibility wasn’t theirs, from any other company in the World, bar none.  Not even close.  Thor Technologies look after their customers better than any other company I know and have a product that delivers 110%.

Richard Gault


Studio enjoys PS10 experience

Perth — Western Australia

Just wanted to say what a great improvement I have had from having the PS-10 and board in my studio. My whole sound stage has changed! for the better. I have been sending to my peers to listen to and tell me I'm not crazy.. and they all agree!

There is much better separation or delineation between the centre and the sides on the mix.

Tonally it's quite similar, it just feels like more detail I guess but not more tops…”

This is as significant a purchase as I’ve ever made for the studio.

Andy Lawson

Debaser Studio


I imagined the PS10 would make a difference but wasn’t prepared for this

Kumbia — Queensland

I imagined the PS10 would make a difference, but I wasn't prepared for this.
This was like a major upgrade for a component. I'm currently using Conrad Johnson electronics, so there's no lack of refinement there.
The PS10 takes this to the next level, now with a dead quiet background, allowing the music to come through with no restriction at all.
Quieter listening sessions are more detailed & enjoyable & if you choose to turn the wick up, I found this was where the PS10 made an even bigger difference. Where previously I have had to temper the volume control, the complete clarity & lack of background noise means that higher levels are completely grain free & utterly clear.





PS10 resolves 50Hz hum and other power problems

Perth — Western Australia

A quick introduction about myself will give you a better understanding of why I have so much praise in your product. I am an Electronics Technician with over 35 yrs experience in the Service and Repair Industry of all Domestic Products, from Plasma Monitors to Microwave Ovens. Consequently, I have first hand experience of the damage and destruction Power Fluctuation's can cause to our everyday electronic equipment, Domestic and Commercial. On a more personal level, I am the proud owner of some top quality HiFi  Components, some over 30yrs old, and still sounding as good as the day I purchased them. I am passionate about HiFi and Home Theatre Technology, and how far Electronics has evolved in just my short time within the Industry.

Let me commence by saying that, I was not asked to give a Testimonial on this Product, however. I was only too happy to offer my praise for the PS-10, and therefore, suggested to George that I would turn the praise into written words.

I purchased my PS10 approximately 5 yrs ago, after years of frustration with Power Spikes, Power Fluctuation's and Lightning Strikes, creating constant repairs and replacements, especially Equipment fitted with Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS ). Furthermore, I found the over voltage was also causing the majority of my HiFi and Video Equipment to run hotter then the intended design Specs, especially when the voltage was constantly sitting on 256 Volts, which in-turn, amplified an annoying 50hz hum which would come and go , depending on how much noise was on the incoming power.

ENTER THE PS10 - I am only too happy to say that ALL these issues were resolved once the PS10 was fitted to my system. The constant Clean Regulated Power provided by the PS10 and the 3 isolated banks on the Smart Board, have without any doubt rectified all my on-going power issues and then some.  I would have no hesitation in endorsing this product. And many Thanks to Thor Technologies for producing a genuinely fine Product !

R. Gallina (Electronics Technician).


Stereo Sound improved with Power Station

Werribee — Victoria

Approximately 3 months ago my stereo system developed a mystery fault. The sound drifted, becoming harsh and metallic with very poor bass. Thinking the problem was with my 6 year old equipment, I replaced the pre-amplifier and power amp with brand new models. The problem persisted. Neither the retailer, various electricians or my electricity provider could offer a solution. It was suggested the problem could be air conditioners, generators or solar panels from neighbouring properties. I was at a loss until by chance I found the Thor Technologies website. I rang, the Melbourne rep rang back, and in 2 days I had the PS10 Powerstation installed on approval. All problems were instantly solved. My stereo now sounds better than ever. I would recommend the ThorPS10 Powerstation to anybody with decent Hi-Fi equipment.

Gary Williamson,

Werribee, Victoria.


Projector Globe Life increase with PS10

Brisbane — Queensland

Since implementing the Thor PS10 Smart Power Station, I have noticed a significant improvement in the operating hours of my projector and my pre-amp amplifier has not had a problem since.

It was my projector lamp that alerted me to the initial problem, I was only getting 900hrs when it was supposed to last at least 2000hrs. Shortly after discovering this, my pre-amplifier blew up (which was only 2 months old) so I sent it back to the Distributor for repairs. They rang me when the unit was repaired but said that they would not cover it again under warranty unless I ran it through a power filtration unit such as the PS10.

So I went to my local audio store and purchased a Thor PS10 and found my house voltage measured over 250V. This obviously meant that the components in my equipment were stressed to the maximum. I have since learnt that this high excess voltage can shorten the life of your equipment through electronic failure and promote problems such as digital processor freezing.

I am now getting 3400hrs out of my projector lamp, have not had a problem with my pre-amplifier and am suitably impressed with the PS10.

E.F.A.S Brisbane QLD


PS10 literally turned my system from not bad to where did this sound (and picture) come from

Canberra — Australia Capital Territory

I purchased my PS10 about a year ago and only recently introduced it to my system (hi fi / turntable / TV) – a better move I could not have made, it literally turned my system from being not bad to “where did this sound (and picture) come from”

Jack G


PS10 performance Mick Brown


Subject: Feedback re Smart Power Station PS10

After living with the PS10 for a week thought I would give you some  feedback.  As to improvements in sound reproduction there seem to be changes right across the board particularly in the microdetails.  Soundstaging is a lot more precise with all sorts of background sounds being able to be heard.  For some reason my Conrad Johnson CA200 control amp seems to be "louder" and its performance at lower volume levels seems much enhanced. The build quality of the PS 10 is very good and having the A12 power board as well really sorts out a few installation concerns I had. The three separated "banks" of power points is a great idea. I'm using my McCormack UDP1 Universal player on Bank 1 which seems to be ideal. Is the PS 10 worth the money? Compare its price with the $30,000 worth of Hi Fi gear it provides power to and there is no question of it being worth every cent. For high quality power 24/7 in a Hi Fi situation the PS 10 is a must.

Mick Brown
Qld, Australia


PS10 improves quality of sound - John Zack

New South Wales

As a recent owner of the THOR PS10 I had to write to you and tell you how impressed I was with the construction and performance of the unit.

I have been a hifi enthusist for over 25 years and have played around with many power regulators and filters for my high end equipment over the years and I can honestly say that the Thor is the first unit I have used which not only solved a mains problem that was frustrating me for a while, but it also markedly improved the quality of the sound I was getting across all frequencies including deeper and better defined bass. It is also one of the best value products of it's type on the market.

I also found the service I received from yourself to be first class with prompt responses to all my queries. I would not hesitate in recommending this great product to other audio enthusiasts who will benefit from the improvements in both sound as well as the protection it provides for their expensive audio and video equipment.

Thank you again for all your assistance and support.

John Zack NSW


PS10 improves video and audio - Chris Couldrey

New South Wales

I'd like to share with you how your product, the Thor PS10 – Smart Power Station with accompanying 8 outlet Smart Board has solved a long running problem with my Home Theatre / Hi-Fi Audio set up and at the same time provided me with outstandingly improved Video and Audio quality.

To say I’m ecstatic about the Thor PS10, is an understatement.

Approximately 3 months ago, I started updating my AV Receiver and DVD Player in order to take full advantage of a new 1080P Plasma Screen I’d purchased.

The AV Receiver I’d had at that time was 5 years old and had become a real ‘limiting factor’ in my set up.

I started my ‘equipment upgrading’ exercise by purchasing a new ‘high end’ AV Receiver.

As soon as it was installed in my system, I noticed hearing intermittent but ongoing ‘electrical clicks’ and ‘sound dropouts’ whilst playing DVD’s. They were quite prominent and quickly become very annoying.

Then I remembered something I’d taken an interest in a few years earlier; The Thor PS10 – Smart Power Station. 

Try it we did and …. instantly, all my problems were solved!  

Not only has the Thor solved my long running problems, but I’ve also noticed big improvements in both Video and Audio quality. They are as follows:

Video: The video quality is now noticeably brighter and more colourful. And that’s noticeable on all picture sources; Live Television and DVD’s.

Audio: This is where I’ve noticed the biggest difference. Audio Dialogue on DVD’s and Vocals on CD’s and LP’s are now absolutely ‘crystal clear.’ I know it was not that way previously.

And the areas in DVD’s and CD’s where there are ‘quiet’ audio passages are now ‘super quiet.’ There is absolutely no background noise at all in these sections.

I can’t really say what ‘filled these quiet passages’ before this, but whatever it was it’s now gone and I’m enjoying ‘super quiet’ quiet passages on DVD’s and CD’s.

It really is wonderful.


Chris Couldrey NSW


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