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Welcome to Apollo Hi Fi Centre.

Welcome to Apollo Hi Fi Centre.
The world of home entertainment is becoming a veritable minefield of information. Knowing what you need can involve a great leap of faith and blind trust in the salesperson to give you accurate and unbiased advice.
We have based our business model on supplying quality brands at competitive pricing and providing informed and accurate advice and great before and after sales support. We stock trusted brands from around the world.


We have long relationships with some of the best home entertainment equipment suppliers in Australia. This ensures some great deals and most importantly quick and efficient responses to any technical issues.
Products on our website are available in store or can be freighted to your door by a large courier network Australia wide.
All of our products are genuine Australian stock with Australian manufacturer’s warranty.

We have recently been appointed one of the select dealers for the Marantz Premium Dealer Sydney network. Marantz is a brand that has a long history of premium sound quality going back over 60 years.
Established in 1953 following Saul Marantz’s first audio creation, the Audio Consolette pre amplifier, they have proven themselves a market leader in the home hi fi field. Building on a heritage of audiophile performance, Marantz has an extensive product range and offers some exceptional products and competitive prices.

If you are after some of the best Hi Fi deals in Sydney, check us out in Sydney’s inner west. We are the longest established Hi Fi business in the same location in Sydney. We were established in 1969 around the same time as the Apollo Lunar missions.
Coincidentally Apollo also happens to be the Greco-Roman god of music. Come into our showroom in Marrickville for a demonstration.
We are opened 7 days a week. (excluding public holidays) Come in and you might just walk away with a very big smile on your face!