PANASONIC TH55DX600U 55 inch 4K Ultra HD Television
PANASONIC TH55DX600U 55 inch 4K Ultra HD Television

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The Panasonic 55" DX600

The 2016 released Panasonic DX series features the IPS LED super bright panel and the Firefox OS as a control interface. These screens stay true to the Panasonic way of reliability and universal compatibility with standard electronic devices while boasting the latest user-friendly technology and features.



Hexa Chroma Drive Plus

Vivid Colour Reproduction with a Wide Colour Range

Now you're seeing the ultimate picture. Thanks to a wider colour coverage and professional processing technology with 6-Colour Reproduction, we have realised reference picture quality that satisfies even Hollywood movie creators.


High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Ready to Playback High Dynamic Range Content with Life-like Highlights

High Dynamic Range (HDR) content on HDR enabled TVs delivers images much closer to the way your eyes see the real world. Deep blacks are combined with very bright highlights to produce a level of reality not previously possible on a television.


Firefox OS

Smart TVs Get Easier to Use with Firefox OS

The "Simple, Easy and Customisable"
concept supported by Firefox OS lets you
enjoy Smart TV every day.

TV Anytime with USB HDD Recording

Use a Smartphone or Tablet to Watch and Record from Outside the Home

This innovative feature lets you access your TV from a tablet or phone regardless of where in the world you might be. You can use the system to set recordings on your TV or, even better, you can stream live broadcasts or recorded content from your TV to your smart device - even if you're outdoors. All you need is an internet connection and "Panasonic Media Center App" in your smart device.

*Depending on the network condition and broadcasts, this function may not be available.

Art & Interior “Switch Design” Pedestal

Adjustable Pedestal Gives You More Interior Design Freedom

Shaped from metal with a sophisticated finish, these pedestals harmonise with your interior design and offer superb flexibility. The Art & Interior “Switch Design” concept allows you to create the pedestal shape and position best suited to your viewing space.

Learn more about the Art & Interior “Switch Design” concept