DENON DHTT100 Speaker Base
DENON DHTT100 Speaker Base

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DHT-T100 is an under TV Speaker Base that dramatically improves your TV watching experience. Simply connect the all-in-one system to your television and enjoy powerful, dynamic audio from your favourite TV shows, movies, games and music. As today's flat panel TVs get thinner and thinner, so does their sound quality. The DHT-T100 has digital audio inputs and features a host of high performance components to deliver rich, enveloping sound.
In addition there is Dolby Digital Decoding, 5 Listening Modes with virtual surround sound as well as a Night Mode, which let you enjoy high fidelity sound late into the night without disturbing other family members. The aptX Bluetooth feature let you stream music from a smartphone in CD quality and for other devices there is an 3.5-millimeter auxiliary input too. Engineered to hold up to 27kg, the DHT-T100 fits perfectly under most TVs up to 50.”
Elegantly styled, easy to setup and simple to use, the DHT-T100 is a great alternative to a traditional soundbar.

High Performance Sound

As today's flat panel TVs get thinner and thinner, so does their sound quality, and the DHT-T100 features a host of high performance components to deliver rich, enveloping sound. The speaker features dual 2"x 5" oval shape drivers and dual 1/2" dome tweeters that produce a range of sound, with deep bass and clear high frequencies.


Bluetooth Wireless Music Streaming with aptX

Use the Bluetooth wireless input to receive music or audio from a compatible Bluetooth device, such as a smartphone or computer (with Bluetooth A2DP capability). We’ve also included aptX which allows for high quality music playback through Bluetooth.


Dolby Digital Decoding

Your favorite movies and music will come alive thanks to the built-in Dolby Digital decoding, and you can enjoy enveloping surround sound thanks to Denon’s Virtual Surround processing, which uses advanced psychoacoustic algorithms that simulate the surround sound of a multi-channel home theater speaker system.

5 Listening Modes & Night Mode

In addition to the Virtual Surround sound mode, the DHT-T100 features custom sound modes tailored for different content. Choose Movie or Music for enjoying your favourite movie soundtracks and music. The Movie Wide and Music Wide modes provide an expanded front soundstage, and the Dialog mode delivers clear high fidelity sound with no additional acoustic enhancements. It also features Night Mode which lets you enjoy high fidelity sound without annoying jumps in volume, so you can watch your favorite programs late into the night without disturbing other family members.

Easy to Install, Easy to Setup, Easy to Use

Connect the DHT-T100 directly to your TV with the included optical cable. We've also included a stereo analogue audio cable. The auto input switching feature chooses the best available audio source automatically. Setup is supported by quick start guide and an owner’s manual. The DHT-T100 comes with its own remote control, and it also has the ability to work with your existing TV's remote control, by learning your TV's remote control IR commands, so you can control the soundbase and your TV with just one remote control.





  • 2-way under TV Speaker Base
  • 27kg weight capacity to hold up larger TVs
  • Supports most of the screens up to 50”
  • Bluetooth wireless streaming with aptX
  • Optical and coax digital inputs as well as an analogue input
  • Dolby digital decoder built in
  • 5 listening modes
  • Night Mode



  • 2-way speaker system with 2x 1/2" tweeters and 2x oval 2" x 5" mid / woofers
  • Dolby digital decoding with Denon Virtual Surround
  • Dynamic Bass Technology for powerful and precise bass reproduction
  • Bluetooth with aptX streaming for CD like sound quality



  • Learns your remote control
  • Simple remote included
  • Connects directly to your TV with one cable
  • Auto power on
  • Auto standby
  • Auto input switching
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music streaming
  • Quick Setup Guide for an easy start


  • Digital input: Optical / Coaxial
  • Analogue input (3.5mm mini jack)
  • Simple one wire setup
  • Bluetooth: A2DP / aptX
  • Dolby Digital decoding
  • Soundmode: Dialogue, Music, Music Wide, Movie, Movie Wide
  • Night listening mode
  • Dynamic Bass"


  • Tabletop placement
  • TV placement on top (up to 27kg)


  • Control buttons on the unit
  • Remote Control
  • TV remote learning function
  • Auto input switching


  • Available color: Black
  • Auto Power On / Auto Standby
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 608 x 71 x 355 mm
  • Weight: 4.3 kg