The name EKCO was derived from its founder’s name – Eric Kirkham Cole, who began hand-making valve radios in the 1920s, formed a private company which catered to large scale eliminator production in 1926, and eventually ventured into valve manufacturing in 1938. EKCO valve radios are well-known for their stunning bakelite cabinets and for their Noise Suppressor Control feature which limits the static noise received from weak signal transmissions; features which earned the brand the title of being the only tuner reference for English radio and was granted the chance to be displayed at the England Museum.

IAG, with its strong interest in the analogue hi fi business particularly in audiophile tube electronic product development, has acquired the EKCO brand in 2009 and is now proud to announce the release of its first vintage tube electronics product, the EKCO EV55SE Valve Integrated Amplifier.

Engineered to create a level of performance that goes beyond the mere technicalities of accuracy, the EKCO EV55SE Valve Integrated Amplifier offers not just superior realism in sound reproduction but a height of quality in its craftsmanship as well. Its Class AB Push-Pull amplifier design offers a choice between 28Watts RMS per channel at Triode mode and 55Watts RMS per channel at Ultra-linear mode. It comes with Five (5) RCA Inputs and A/B option selective loudspeaker outputs into 8 Ohms, controlled via an included remote control. Its chassis is made of protective grilles finished with high-temp black paint protect the valve tubes while the sides of the chassis are fitted with matched pairs of handcrafted solid wood panels (deep Louro Preto) in piano gloss finish adding to the classy and elegant feel of the valve amplifier.

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